Celebrities who wear Exclusive Blonde Hairstyles

Julianne hough straight blonde hair

There is nothing to be ashamed of being blonde, it’s not about your roots or ethnicity only, perhaps it’s that God has created different types of human creatures so that they can easily be distinguished from one another. I have noticed that a lot of blonde women feel disgusting to pull of blonde hair, thinking that it doesn’t look natural on their personality and that the color isn’t in trend all the time. You shouldn’t be paranoid for being blonde at all.  You should learn something from Afro-American women who love to wear their traditional hairstyle even though to some people these hairstyles are nostalgically bad. You can’t change the way you really are just because a fraction of people doesn’t love it. You need to learn at your best, showing what you are in real life. Dying your hair every now and then is not going to solve your problem; your natural hair is going to return to its natural shade.

ash blonde curls
Blonde Curly hairstyle

There are many Hollywood Celebrities, whose natural hair color is blonde, but they pay least amount of attention on others suggestions, critics, and objections about the hair color. In other words, they are much happy with what they wear whether it is a natural hair color or a bold one like blue, purple or pink.   Now let’s check out the hairstyling choices of few famous celebrities who have got natural blonde hair.

Amanda Seyfried’s warm blonde hairstyle:  She teams her hair with natural eyes makeup and red or pink lips.


Armanda Sayfried's curly hair
Blonde Curly hairstyle of Armanda
Blonde straight hairstyles of Armanda Sayfried
Armanda’s Blonde Straight hairstyle

Julianne Hough’s blonde hairstyles: She has work several hairstyle in blonde color, but the one which makes her stand out is an ombre.  To stand out in the crowd, she might let her hair roots grow over a certain length and then has her roots chopped off a bit.  To add a chic factor the hairstyle, she gets her blonde hair roots dyed in brown, rusty brown, creamy brown or other natural hair shade.

Julianne hough straight blonde hair
Julianne Hough’s blonde straight hairstyle
Julianne hough curly bangs
Julianne’s blonde bangs

Blake Lively’s fuzzy blonde hair: This goes without saying that blonde hair shows more textures in the styles as compared to lighter hues. Blake Lively has tried many variations of braid, curls, and waves on blonde hair and every time she did it got attention for the unique she brought forward in the hairstyle trend.

Blake lively blonde curl
Blake Lively’s long curls
Blake lively long curly hairstyle
Blake’s blonde long curly hairstyle


Jennifer Aniston sandy blonde hairstyles: Her skin tone is fair though, she still chooses to merge it with sandy blonde hair as if this is the only best color option for her facial features. The truth is she is right- Jen looks an absolute beauty diva in sandy blonde hairstyle whether it is layered cut or faux bob.

Jennifer Aniston blonde bob
Jennifer’s Faux bob
Jennifer bob cut layers
Jennifer’s Bob short layers

Michelle William’s ash blonde hairstyles:  I was always amazed at the brassiness of her ash blonde hair and wondered as how she’d pull of such a color nicely in a well-designed updo, layers, chopped or side-swept style. The beauty of hair is much dependent on the conditioner and shampoo she uses on hair before getting ready for the event.

blonde bangs of Michele williams
Michele Williams’ Blonde bangs
Michele williams short curly hairstyles
Michele Williams’ blonde short curls

January Jones’s blonde hair:  Ladies always get confused in the makeup especially when they are presented with a challenge to pick the right eye shadows and lipstick colors to match with the butter blonde hair shade. Pink is an ever green girly color that can do it well. When you have no idea as which eye shadow will make you a belle of the hall, you go with nude eyes only. You can white, light golden, and nude pink colors just like January Jones who never applies sharp eye shadow to mess her own personality.

January Jones bob layers blonde
January Jones Blonde Bob layers
January Jones curly blonde hair
January’s Curly Blonde hairstyle

Naomi Watt’s blonde hairstyle: She seems to be a big fan of old Hollywood fashion and is seen more often in retro blonde hairstyles and loose waves to which she completes with red or pink lips.


Noami watts curly hairstyles
Noami Watts’ Blonde hairstyle
Noami Watts blonde hair
Noami’s Blonde short curly hairstyle
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