Change your Persona with Blue Smokey Eye Makeup

blue smoky eyes makeup

Normally, girls try black smokey eye makeup since it looks simply adorable all the time. But I would like to give them a new path of blue smokey eye makeup. This makeup suits a lot to girls with light eye color such as light blue, green or grey. It doesn’t mean girls with brown and black eye color can’t go for it. They can surely give it a try, either. The girls who think it hard to fix black eye shadow in smoky eye makeup must kick start their makeup artistry from blue smokey eye. Actually, it does never be hard to handle blue color; anyone can work with it effortlessly.

blue smoky makeup for girls

How to get Blue Smoky eye Makeup?

Well, you need to follow 7 basic steps for getting an eye-catching blue smoky eye makeup.

1.Prepare Eyes for Makeup

In this step, you need to prepare your eyes with base foundation. I always suggest you to try liquid base since it offers the smooth and clear effect. Though dry base also look good but you normally need to spend more time for blending it on your eye lines and creases. Always take a drop of foundation base on your hand and then apply it with a soft puff on eyes. You should never apply liquid foundation directly on your eyes otherwise it might freeze and give a bad effect.

women blue smoky eyes

2.Start with a light base Shade

Choose the lighter blue eye shadow from your eye-shadow kit and apply it finely all over the eyes from crease toward eye brows. Normally, girls do a mistake. They start with a glittery shade that spread under the eyes and ruin the clear look. In case you want a glittery smoky eye makeup then never apply glitter in the beginning.

blue smoky eyes

3.Apply Main Blue Shade

For getting a blue smoky eye makeup, you need to pick simple blue or royal blue. However, royal blue is the best option since it is a darker shade and you would be able to get a desirable look. In case you want to try simple blue shade then it’s fine also. Pick a soft eye brush and blend the shade completely from one corner of eyes to another.Some girls spread eyes beyond outer corner of eyes, it’s quite a good idea but only girls who have good practice can do it in a right way. If you are a beginner, you need to keep you need to spread the shade only to the corner.

blue smoky eye makeup

4. Give Black Touch

Normally, girls pick dark blue color since they don’t want to apply black eye shadow. But you must understand the real “smoke effect” is not possible without black eye shadow application. You must apply it. Take a black pencil make a triangular corner on your eyes and fill this corner with black dark eye shades. You can also use Q-tip instead of an eye brush for smudging this dark shade in the corner of your eyes.

blue smoky eyes makeup

5. Add Some Flair

The girls who want something different and amazing can use rhinestone for intensifying the look of their blue smoky eye makeup. On the other hand, filling the corner of your eyes with light blue or black glitter is another good idea to try for.

light blue smoky eyes

6. Apply Thick Line

You are in a position to choose either blue or black eye liner. Blue shade is preferable though. You need to apply thick line of eyeliner, no need to get an invisible line. Apply liner on upper or lower lid.

blue smokey eyes for girls

7. Go for Dual Coat of Eye Mascara

Again you have an option to pick either black or black eye mascara. If you want pure blue smoky eyes then you need to pick blue otherwise thick coat of black mascara also look appealing.

glamorous blue smoky eyes

Follow these seven easy steps and  get blue smoky eye makeup now.


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