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aztec sun god tattoo

People who need some impressive tattoos usually opt for Aztec art as it lets them to have some really cool and meaningful Aztec tattoo designs. It is good to know that Aztec art is different from that of Mexican and Spanish. Before invasion of the Aztec Empire by Spanish, Aztec people built a written language. They have numbering and calendar systems which were translated. Some of calendar uses still need clear translation. Aztec people also had a strong military system with ranking that is not really clear till now.

aztec eagle tattoo designs

Aztec Calendar

If you check Aztec Calandar , you can see that each of 20 days of this calendar is assigned to an Aztec God or Deity. Eagle and Jaguar were two Gods of high ranks. People who opt for Aztec tattoo designs usually take inspiration from Calendar since they want to show off meaning of  a particular day of Calendar and thereby they want to represents a specific God qualities.

eagle aztec tattoo designs idea

Many Different Aztec Tattoo Designs

Here are some really popular designs of Aztec tattoos

Eagle Aztec tattoo

Eagle is a God and the fifteenth day on the Aztec Calendar Cycle. It also a high ranking warrior and also shows the west.  Aztec Eagle tattoo designs features a person wearing the traditional warrior costume.

aztec eagle tattoo

Skull Aztec Tattoo

It is one of popular Aztec tattoo designs. Skull shows sixth day on Aztec Calendar and the north. It is a deity named as Death.  This is a famous tattoo designs for men.

aztec skull tattoo designs

aztec skull tattoo designs aztec skull tattoo meanings

Flower Aztec tattoo design

It demonstrates last or twentieth day of the Aztec Calendar. It represents the direction south and also associated with a deity.

aztec flower tattoo designs

Serpent Aztec Tattoos

It is fifth day on the Aztec Calendar and represents Snake God. It also shows the eastern direction.

aztec serpent tattoo meaning aztec serpent tattoos


Bird Aztec tattoo designs

It may shows the birds such as the eagle and the vulture. Though people can choose other kinds of birds as tattoo in the designs but if you need Aztec designed tattoos then you need to include Aztec Gods and warriors. The vulture represents south and sixteenth day of the Aztec Calendar.

aztec eagle tattoos

Warrior Tattoo Aztec design

There are many different designs of Aztec Warrior tattoos. You can include jaguar, eagle, shields, the animals ,etc in the design. Try to put high rank warrior high in the design.

meanings of aztec warrior tattoo

Sun Aztec Tattoo Design

In Aztec art, sun has a very special meaning. Sun showed a world with its own inhabitants and species. This world was lasted 52 years ago and known as sun. So, if you want to represent that world then you can try sun Aztec tattoo.

aztec sun god tattoo

Sun God Aztec Tattoos

Aztec people didn’t have a sun God but they have a lowly god who sacrificed himself to become the sun.

aztec sun tattoo designs

Moon Aztec Tattoo Design

According to Aztec People, Metzli was a lowly god who sacrificed himself to become the sun but he became moon instead. When you need impressive Aztec tattoo designs then you can get moon tattoo on sleeve  such tattoo depicts how the moon came to be.

aztec moon tattoos

God Aztec tattoos

There are many different Aztec God and goddess. You can represent them in your tattoo design.

aztec god tattoo designs god tattoos aztec


Since there are many different things in Aztec art, you are able to get Aztec tattoos of every size and shape. You can find not only big but also small tattoo design ideas. You need to take inspiration from Aztec Calendar that lets you make many different Aztec tattoo designs.


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