Check Pictures of Katy Perry without makeup

katy perry no makeup picture

You normally see Katy Perry with red lips and attractive eye-makeup. There are millions of women who want to look exactly like her. They love to copycat her style and makeup. But again there are some women who want to see Katy Perry without makeup. They like to see how she looks without eye-defining eye liners and hot red lipstick. What natural look of Katy Perry is? So, today I decided to give you a chance to check Katy Perry No makeup.

katy perry makeup

This picture of Natural Katy Perry took by her ex-husband Russell Brand. He tweeted a photo of Katy Perry when she woke up from a nap.  Her dewy face is quite attractive, no doubt. Her beautiful eyes are simply beautiful. Her dark circles are a little prominent in this picture.

katy perry without makeup

Another picture of Katy Perry without makeup is from her concert movie “Part of Me”. Her glowing face grabs your attention, though her eyes seem a little saggy. But again you would appreciate beauty of her pretty eyes which are sizeable even where there is no heavy eyeliner and mascara strokes are on it. Her skin tone is even and plain.

katy perry no makeup picture

In simple words, Katy Perry Without makeup looks good. She looks adorable while smiling. She doesn’t look very flattering without makeup but her overall look is good. Check these pictures of Katy Perry No makeup and share your comments on these photos in the comment section given below.


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