20 Christmas Nail Art Designs You Love to Try

Christmas nail art 20 great ideas

Holiday seasons has started, it means we all going to have enough time for creative work. So, I decided to share some cool Christmas nail art design ideas with you. You definitely have to attend a Christmas party this year, so these ideas will help you how to do perfect Christmas type nail designing. I am going to share 20 fabulous idea which highlight almost every single thing related to Christmas such as Santaclaus, Christmas berries, Reindeer, gift ribbons , and much more. I don’t know what exactly you are going to wear on party but I know that my ideas would help you to pick the best design for enhancing beauty of your nails on this special event.


20 Christmas Nail Art Designs You Love to Try

Let’s start checking 20 ideas before any delay.

1.Snowman Nails

In case you are planning to wear acrylic or gel nails then you should give a try to this stunning snowman designs. It is not really hard to copycat this look. All you need good nail paints colors and nail tools. I really like this idea of snow with cute face of snowman. Green Christmas tree make this design simply fabulous.

christmas nail art snowman

Image via Instagram/ Doobysnails

2.Christmas Green & red Snowflakes

You can not miss snowflakes when it comes to Christmas. If you are planning to use acrylic or gel nails then use green and red nail paint to make the most from your nails. White nail paint will be used to draw beautiful snowflakes.

red and whte christmas nails with stones

Image via Instagram/ topcoatnailbarsj

3.Christmas Candy Cane Nail Designs

I really like to draw Christmas candy cane lines on my nails. It is quite easy to draw these lines. You have two options when it comes to making lines. First option is to draw lines with nail art brush and nail paint and second option is to go with vinyl nail stripes. Now it’s completely up to you to pick one option that seems more convenient. Learn : How to Create Christmas Candy nails

christmas candy cane nail art designs ideas

Image via Instagram/lghteyed_hawaiian

4.Christmas Santa hat and tree nail designs

It is another adorable nail art design idea that take some time but once you done with it then you would be in a position to get attention of all toward you. You should try to create beautiful Santa hat with tree and cross on your nails. It’s good to use nail art brushes as they make this kind of drawing very easy for you.

santa hat christmasnail art designs ideas

Image via Instagram/Artbiiitch

5.Red and White Traditional snowflakes nails

It is quite easy design to copy for. All you need is a nail art dotting tool with which you would be able to create white snow types dots on your red nails. This tool will also help you to draw snowflake pattern on nails with great ease.

red and white snowflakes design for nails

Image via Instagram/Carol_m_m_

6.Beautiful red and white Santa Claus Hat nail designs

Red and white Christmas nail designs are considered traditional. You can surely deviate from this tradition.But fact is that both colors make a great combo with one another. So, grab both colors and draw Santa hat on one nail and go with your own unique patterns on other nails. Glittery nail polish will help you add a glam touch to your overall design.

make santa claus hat on nails


Image via Dubu_1120

7.Christmas Reindeer Nail design idea

Drawing reindeer on your nail is another cool idea that you may like to follow on this Christmas eve 2015. You need to add this character of Christmas on one nail and a ziz-zac form green Christmas tree on other nails. Use golden little stone to decorate top of tree. Adore rest of nails with dark red paint and you are done with the best Christmas nail art design.

reindeer designs for nails on christmas

Image via Instagram /Shenshockrockk

8.Christmas Designs sticker Mickey Mouse Santa

Fun is must for holidays , so how can you forget Minnie mouse and Mickey mouse. Get their Christmas base stickers or create your own unique design with the help of nail brushes. I’m sure you would like to try this smashing manicure idea.

mickey mouse and minnie mouse nails designs for christmas

Image via Instagram /the_nail_lounge_miramar

9.Holy Berries Nails designs

We all know the importance of Holly Berries. It would be indeed fun for you to paint them on your nails. Try this refreshing idea with green and red nail paints. Use dark and light red to make your nails more colorful and vibrating. Always opt for white base as you have to create a perfect snow type background for your Christmas nails.

christmas holy berries nails art

Image via Instagram /lackschoen

10.Santa Face and Belt nail Designs

This design idea is perfect for all those girls who never mind challenging tasks. All you need to know how to create Santa face nails and Santa belt nails. Once you have this understanding, rest of nail design is quite simple. First of all, use red nail paint on the base and then create perfect snowy type effects with a nail art dotting tool dipped into white nail paint.

santa claus belt christmas nail art

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Image via Instagram /snspa

11.Green Christmas Tree nail designs

If you don’t like much design work and need a bit simple idea then you should opt for it. Use white as a base color and create red and white dots. There is one nail that you need to design with a Christmas tree. Isn’t it a simple Christmas manicure idea?

christmas tree nail designs ideas

Image via Instagram /carynford

12.Red and sparkling silver Nails with Stones

You are going to attend a Christmas party, so try to add some sparkle on your nails. For this purpose, you have to use red and sparkling silver nail paint. You definitely don’t mind to change your nail shape from simple to pointed/stiletto.  Use some nail accessories colorful stone to beef up your overall nails glow.

christmas snowflakes red and white with glitter

Image via Instagram /nikkinails4148

13.Gray snowflakes Nail art

Mostly, girls choose red and white for creating snowflake nails designs but  it is time to try a new combination. Use gray as a base and use white for snowflakes. This color combo is simply graceful.

gray and white beautiful snowflakes nails

Image via Instagram /bluesy_soul

14.Santa Hat Christmas Nail Art Designs

This is one of the cutest design idea that you never like to miss. You need to turn your nail tips into Santa Claus hat in a very creative manner. I don’t think it is going to take you more than 15 minutes to create this design. What do you think?

santa hat nails ideas


Image via Instagram /nailsby.b

15.Red Candy Stripes Nails 

In case you know how to work with nail vinyl then this idea is going to be really simple and easy for you. all you have to use red and white nail paints. Use silver to add a sparkling touch to your nails. Though this design is simple yet it is quite attractive.

christmas candy nails with silver and red nail paint

Image via Instagram /katiebunny13

16.Christmas Sweaters nails designs

Another cool design is to draw sweaters on your nails. You definitely going to wear Christmas theme sweaters. So,why don’t you match your nail design with your shirt?

make christmas sweaters patterns on nails

Image via Instagram /meganbriannexo

17.Snowman Silver white nails

If you don’t mind using sparkling nail paint then you definitely want to opt for this simply amazing Christmas nail art idea. All you have to create sparkling silver tips and paint one full nails with silver. Once your silver nail polish gets dried, you have to draw a snowman on it.Would you like to try this idea?

silver and white christmas snowman nail art

Image via instagram/nailinventions

18.Christmas Nail Art with Snowflakes

It is a fact that many girls prefer snowflakes design as they are quite simple to create. If you have also picked this idea then try blue and white as it is a promising color combination.

blue snowflakes nail art for christmas

Image via instagram/Katie_stew1

19.Perfect Christmas different designs nails

If you have long nails then I have a really fabulous idea for you. all you have to do is to consider every possible design related to Christmas such as Christmas tree, snowman, snowflakes, candy sticks and anything else. Try to draw things very beautifully and I’m sure you would be able to grab attention of all toward your nails.

christmas teee santa claus hat and snowman designs for nails

Image via Instagram/angelsnailsut

20.Gray Reindeer Face Nails

Want to draw reindeer? Try gray paint as it looks quite graceful. Use white as your nail base and then draw snowflake patterns with black.

reindeer and christmas snowflakes nails

Image via instagram/csilx

Wrap Up:

Finally, you have 20 amazing Christmas nail art design ideas. You would be able to create Santa claus, Reindeer, snowflakes, snowman, Santa Hat and many other designs. Although red and white are main colors for Christmas but you should try to add some more colors into your manicure.If you have your own collection of Christmas nail designs then feel free to share them with my readers.

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