How to Clean your Makeup? Follow 10 Simple Tips

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Women can’t go outside without makeup as it helps them to enhance their beauty. Some women wear heavy makeup or others try only a little bit. No matter you are a heavy or casual users of makeup, you must have an idea of makeup cleaning. Our busy schedule doesn’t give us a chance to clean our personal things daily; so one should do makeup cleaning when one is free. Cleanliness of makeup items is indeed vital, if you don’t want acne or scars on your beautiful face. Sometimes, you use a brush that is not cleaned properly and hence, you encounter some kind of facial infection. In order to make this cleaning process quite easy and simple, I get to share 10 amazing makeup cleaning tips with you.

Tip No.1 Clean Brushes with Soapy Water

Take your makeup brushes such as eye shade brush, lip brush, blush-on brush or some other brush together and soak them into a container filled with soapy water.Soak them for one hour, after that you need to rinse them off with simple water. There is no need to soak brush in container for over-night as handle of your brushes may get damaged or cracked due to this action. Dry your brushes whether in air or through your hair dryer, choice is yours.If you have a brush with wood handle, you don’t need to soak handle in the soapy water. Actually water soak in the wood that become a cause of wood deformation.

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Tip No.2 Clean Brushes After Every Use

I think it is quite necessary for you to clean your makeup brushes after every use. If you don’t share your brush with your friends and sister then you can simply clean it once a week. You need to use anti-bacterial hand soap for cleaning of your all brushes. You spend your hard earned money for getting these brushes, so it’s good to take good care of them.
Tip No.3 Change your Mascara Bimonthly

When one mascara is used by different people then one need to be very careful. Mascara is the fastest way of spreading eye infection from one person to another. If you don’t share your mascara, you can change it bimonthly or after two months. However, if you share it then you should change it after one month. When you have an eye infection and you know that you have use your mascara then don’t try to use it again; it’s better to replace it right after.

Tip No.4 Disinfect  eye shadows Weekly or Monthly

You might feel surprise to know that it’s essential to disinfect your eye-shadows especially when someone borrows it from you. Sanitization of eye shades is not really difficult. Your task is to remove top layer of eye-shades through a tissue. Once you remove top layer, spray rubbing alcohol on it and let it try. In this way, you kill all those germs that may cause eye infection.

Tip no.5 Use Spatula instead of Finger for taking out Cream

You often need to use your finger for taking cream or moisture out from a pot.Cross-contamination may be occurred due to frequent use of finger, which may have germs. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a spatula, a makeup tool. You can easily take cream or other products in a pot or bottle through it. After taking a scoop, you can clean it quite effortlessly. Use of spatula will clean your product and thereby, you can avoid skin infection.

metal makeup spatula

Tip No.6 Use Rubbing Alcohol for Saving Smashed Powder

Compact powder often smashes off due to an accidental drop. Women have to buy powder again and again. If you want to repair your smashed powder then I have a simple tip. Your task is to assemble all pieces of smashed powder as much as you can in a pot. Now spray rubbing alcohol on assembled powder pieces and let them dry. Your compact powder is ready for use again. You have disinfected it and saved your money side by side. It is the best way to clean your makeup powder.
Tip No.7 Clean Eyelash Curler’s Pad Weekly

Women who love to curl their thick eye-lashes often make use of eyelash curler pad. After using these pads, one needs to disinfect it weekly. Take a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and then clean pads with it. It is advisable to buy new eyelash curling pad after every three months.

Tip No.8 Protect Dress from Makeup Stains

Some women wear first wear their party dress and then start makeup. While other women follow opposite approach. If you are among those who first wear party dress, then it is advisable to protect it from makeup stains. You need to tie a scarp or similar cloth around your face, so that makeup never smears over your gorgeous dress.

Tip No.9 Remove Makeup Stains

Sometimes prevention methodology never works for you. You get makeup stains even when you try to avoid it through all means. If you have makeup stains on your dress or garment then good thing to learn is its cleaning. You have different options to clean stain. For example, you can use a soft brush, dip it in soapy water and then buff out the stain.On the other hand, you can use makeup sponge for soaking the stain. One of the best ideas is to use makeup remover that will clean stain quite quickly. However, you need to wash dress later on for removing the oil, which is found in almost every makeup remover.

Tip No.10 Must Disinfect Lipstick

It is good to clean your lipstick when a friend borrows it from you. You also need to clean it, if you use it during your sickness period. If you don’t face both situations then cleaning is again required because our mouths have certain bacteria that may infect your lipstick. Lipstick cleaning is not an issue. Your task is to turn your lipstick tube up, take a tissue and remove top layer of lipstick via it. Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol into a glass and dip top layer of lipstick for a few minutes into it. Now dab off alcohol and let your lipstick dry.

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I’m sure that when you will follow these tips, you are able to clean your makeup properly. Makeup cleaning is an important part of your facial health care.

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