Coconut oil Stops Hair Loss and Removes Dandruff

It’s a dream of every woman to have thick, beautiful, and long hair. Hair can make or break your impression, if you have short hair which looks so fragile in the first sight, you would be considered as a careless lady by your friends. Moreover, weak hair will also give you an impression of an old-looking lady. When you see a lady with weak hair, you assume that she might have some sort of physical illness or she might have anxiety problem right now. In other words, there are some rigid reasons for hair to get fragile, some most common ones are aging, menstruation problem, menopause, stress, depression, brain disorder, air pollution, hormonal changes and above all stress. Sometimes poor diet and lifestyle also causes premature graying of healthy hair and in worse case it balding may occur.

coconut oil for hair

 Over-the-Counter Hair Fall Products VS Organic Oil

Though there are many serums in the market, claiming to have power to diminish hair loss and hair fall problems but they don’t prove to be effective when it comes to curing the underlying causes. For instance, a protein serum can literally help improve synthesis of keratin in hair follicles but it won’t be able to stop hair from falling by treating the problem.

There is no denying that organic products and oils are always effective when it comes to treating or eliminating serious hair issues.  Many people apply pure, virgin oil to thicken their tresses because it has powerful antioxidant properties as well as monounsaturated fatty acid in it. In the same way, coconut oil works to strengthen hair roots by absorbing deep into hair shaft. It nourishes hair from the roots, giving you healthy looking hair in all seasons.

 Coconut for Hair Loss and Baldness

Coconut has always been used in many hair products for many centuries in India and other countries where women have faith on its efficacy.  This oil is known for having commendable antiseptic proper and antioxidant features, ensuring to give you dandruff free hair. If you are looking to tackle with multiple hair problems at the same time and don’t have time and money to attain an expensive hair treatment, you should start using coconut oil right away. It will eliminate all hair problems one by one within few weeks of use, whether you are suffering from alopecia, hair loss, hair baldness, itching on the scalp or small wounds that appear from time to time, you can simply use the oil to get relief.

 Why Coconut Oil is used for accelerating the hair growth?

It can not only improve the texture of rough hair but also accelerate the growth of hair by making it stronger and more beautiful than before. Here are four reasons why this oil, in particular, gives better results than other organic oil.

  1. Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E; the nutrient that your body and hair needs almost everyday. If you massage the oil on scalp for few minutes, it will improve blood circulation in the area and vitamin E (already present in oil) would be able to penetrate deeper to nourish each hair roots.  We all know that our scalp has millions of small cavities; each cavity has one hair follicle, when you massage your hair with the oil, and it passes into deep layers of these cavities to solve all major hair problems.
  2. Coconut oil is also a powerful antibacterial ingredient, sometimes small cystic wounds occur on the scalp during to aggressive hair brushing or scratching, all these areas will be healed with the oil. In addition, the oil can also address to serious hair related problems such as itching, dandruff, infection, fungus, and sebum. If you have too many head lice at the moment due to any reason, you can use the oil to get rid of them.
  3.  Hair becomes fragile as a result it is split from the end.  Coconut oil can promote elasticity by increasing the production of protein for the hair as it has high affinity of protein because of Lauric acid with which is abundance in each drop.
  4. Massaging the hair with the oil is much recommended, because it really improves the flow of oxygen to the scalp and when there is blood circulation in the area, hair follicles get proper supply of necessary amount of nutrients, which in results promote fast hair growth.

 How to Apply Coconut Oil in Hair to improve hair growth?

You can use coconut oil for hair growth as it is or can mix it with power oil such as lavender oil, olive oil, aloe oil or cactus oil. It depends which problem of the hair you want to address on priority basis, if you are suffering from stubborn dandruff you need to mix cactus oil with the coconut, if your hair is falling very badly use olive oil, if your hair has itching you should mix aloe oil and if you often get headache due to stress use lavender oil. Here are three easy steps you need to follow:

  1. Take one small pot and pour some coconut oil in it. Keep in mind that pure or virgin coconut oil is never in a liquid form, it will be bit thick in consistency, you can’t use it as it.
  2. After pouring the oil into pan, switch on the burner to change the temperature of the oil. You don’t need to boil the oil at a high temperature; instead you just need to stir it a little bit to make it warm. When it starts to melt down and begins to change into a liquid form, you can add any oil (lavender, cactus, olive) to make a mixture, once the amalgamation is ready, take off the pot from the burner and let it get cool down for few seconds.
  3. Now apply the mixture on your hair little by little, starting from the hair roots. Make sure to rub or massage your hair after applying the coconut oil on hair. Now let it stay in the hair for couple of hours and rinse it off with a good shampoo. 



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