Complete Guide of Twist HeadBand and Braid Hairstyle for long hair

triple headband and braid hairstyles

The girls who believe in DIY hairstyling would love to dig down different ways of braided and simple hairstyles. It is not really hard to do styling, what is hard is to find a hairstyle that matches to your personality. Young girls normally seek for casual kind of hairstyles that bring comfort along with them. However, when there is a formal occasion then they surely have to go for either a semi-formal or formal hairstyling since casual hairstyle won’t look perfect. In case you don’t need extra formal kind of hairstyle then I have the best guide of Do-it-yourself hairstyling for you. The idea is to create twist headband and braid hairstyle. I know name of hairstyle seems complex yet reality is that this hairstyle is super simple and easy to do. It will hardly takes your 30-45 minutes. So, let’s unlock the steps of this particular braid hairstyle¬† for long hair that is not only unique but also very appealing.triple headband and braid hairstyles


Step No. 1 & 2

You need to prepare your hair. It is indeed the most important thing that you need to follow. Wash hair with shampoo and then apply conditioner. Now blow dry your hair. Apply a little amount of hairstyling cream.

Step No.1

You need to begin hairstyling from front section of your hair. Properly comb your hair and divide front section of hair into two sections: one is front section and second is back section. As shown in the image. Now use a comb and start backcombing hair strands of back section of hair. Put one or two sections of hair and tease it by a large comb and do the same with the rest of your back section hair strands. The main purpose is to achieve a certain height.

Step No.2

Now you need to use front section hair, comb it properly and then set it over backcomb section. Your main purpose is to conceal backcombed hair strands. You need to set front hair section over back teased hair in such a way that you get sleek and volume hair look at crown. Use bobby pins to set the front hair over the back teased hair. Now use hair spray just to fix your voluminous hair.

triple braided hairstyles for girls

Step No. 3 & 4

Since you have done with front hair styling. It’s time to do work on rest of hair.

Step No.3

Divide your remaining hair into two equal sections: one is left and second is right.

Step No.4

Now start making a thick twist braid with right section of hair. It’s not hard to make a twist braid. Your task is to divide the section into two parts. Roll each part in a circular motion and you would be able to get two twisted hair strands. Now overlap both bands onto one another. Now secure this twisted braid hairstyle for long hair with an elastic ponytail.


triple headband braided hairstyles

Step No. 5 & 6

It is time to fix your headband.

Step No.5

Take twist braid and set it on your temple hair point as shown in the image.

Step No.6

You need to fix the twisted braid at front side of your voluminous hair. Use bobby pins for setting the twist headband.

braided hairstyle for girls

Step No. 7 & 8

Do work on left section of hair.

Step No.7

You need to pick left hair section and divide it into two equal parts: right part and left part.Now divide right part into three sections and make a simple three-strand English braid. Do the same with left part. Don’t forget to secure each braid with an elastic ponytail.

Step No.8

Take left braid and set it next to twist headband, as shown in the image.


step by step triple braid headband

Step No. 9 & 10

It’s time to take two last steps of this simple braid hairstyle for long hair.

Step No.9

You need to set the right simple braid next to twist braid in such a way that twist braid is in the middle of both simple braids.

Step No.10

Conceal loose hairy end of each braid behind the ears through bobby pins.

braided hairstyle for wome

Hurrah!!!! you have done with simple twist headband and braid hairstyle for long hair.

Hairstyle Suitable for?

This hairstyle is suitable for girls with long and straight hair. If you have long wavy or curly hair then you won’t be able to try this hairstyle unless you use hair straightener. The girls can also check other hairstyles ideas for wavy hair. In addition, girls who have layered or feather haircut shouldn’t try this hairstyle because their chopped hair will be a big obstacle.

Five Important Tips

  1. Prepare your hair first and then do hairstyling.
  2. Comb your hair and remove all tangles. Otherwise you will face problem in further steps of this braid hairstyle for long hair.
  3. Use large comb for teasing hair.
  4. Always use a high quality hair spray.
  5. Keep bobby pins handy, you don’t know when exactly you are going to need them.

I’m sure you would like to try step-by-step guide of this twist headband and braid hairstyle for long hair at home. Don’t forget to share your personal experience with me.

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