The Coolest Women Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Do you have shoulder length hair? Don’t fret over cutting short or growing it out. Here are some hairstyles that will give you that extra zing that you’re looking for.

1. Stylish Wavy Hair                                   

Wavy hair is perfect for this hair length of style it all comes down to how you wear those waves. No doubt, waves are perfect hairstyles for medium length hair.

Color wavy hairstyle
Stylish waves

Chic Side Waves

If you have naturally wavy hair then all you have to do is sweep the majority of your hair to the side of your choice. Secure with it with bobby bins that are similarly colored to your hair, and seal the design using hair spray. Hair lacking volume? No sweat. Clip on some extensions and you’re good to go.

medium length hair side waves
side wavy hairstyle for medium length hair

Fashionable Braided Side Waves

Add a little flare to your side waves. Braid starting at your nape and to the left or rightmost side of your hair. Secure the braid at the crown and blend the un-braided part with the rest of your hair in a side swoop.

Braided side waves hairstyle
Braided side waves hairstyle

2. Unique Bobbed Hair

Want to give your hair that extra volume? Roll out your Velcro rollers and that medium rounded brush. With light heat application and concentrating on making the hair roots, your luscious hair will be everyone’s envy. Want to add more volume? Use  hair mousse, and hair spray. Be sure to roll your hair away from your face for that modern look.


medium length hair bob hairstyles
medium length hair bob hairstyle
medium length hair ponytail
sleek pony tail medium length hair
medium length hair side waves
side wavy hairstyle for medium length hair

3.Cute Hair Buns

Too busy to style with hair? Buns are your best option if you’re on the go. Here are some different ways to wear your buns.

formal hair bun for medium hair length
Formal hair bun

Low Bun

Add texture by teasing your hair or adding dry shampoo. After securing your hair into a low pony tail, swirl your pony around to the desired shape and secure it with suitably colored bobby bins.  It’s perfect for formal events.


low bun hairstyles
medium length hair low bun

Braided High Bun

Want to look extra classy? Here’s how: Braid your hair starting at the side and nape from the base upwards.  Do not braid till the end but enough to reach the crown of your head. Secure with bobby pins, or tiny rubber band elastics. Use the loose ends of the braid and the rest of your hair to achieve your side swept look.

medium length hair braided bun
Braided bun for medium length hair



Messy High Bun

Can’t perfect a sleek bun? No problems. Simply tie your hair into a high pony tail. Use a bun ring for extra volume. Style your hair to cover your bun ring messily, and secure with bobby pins. Spray your bun with hair spray to seal the desired look.

messy hair bun for medium length hair
Messy Hair bun

4. Pony Tails

Don’t fancy buns? Here’s another alternative for hair on the go.

pony tail for medium hair length
French Twist in Pony tail

Sleek Pony Tail

It is one of the simplest hairstyles for medium length hair .Simply tie your hair into a pony tail with an elastic hair. But change it up a bit by wrapping a section o the hair around the elastic band, to blend it in. Use volumizing sprays, or extensions to add more volume and texture.

medium length hair ponytail
sleek pony tail medium length hair


Side Braided Pony Tail

Tie your hair into a low pony tail using an elastic band that matches your hair color. Sweep your braid to one side and add a cute hair band to finish off the braid end.


medium length hair braided ponytail
braided ponytail for medium length hair

5. Bangs

Use this to bring out the petite in you. Bangs not only fit perfectly for medium length hair. They will make you look younger and cuter. Just go to your favorite hairstylist, and choose a bang style that best works for your face shape.

medium length hair bangs
Blunt bangs for medium length hair

6.Straight Hair

Want a fast professional look? Grab your hair iron and go extra sleek. Just be sure to use heat protecting spray to guard frail hair.

straight hairstyle for medium hair
Straight Medium hair

It is time to pick one hairstyle from above-mentioned hairstyles for medium length hair and change the style of your hair.

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