Creepy Halloween Hairstyles for Little Girls

Zombie hairstyle for little girls

When your little sweetheart is going to attend a Halloween party then you often concerned about her look. You want that she should look amazing, different and creepy among all friends. It would be possible when you pick right hairstyle for her. Below you can find some weird hairstyles that can stand your daughter out from the crowd.

Halloween Witch Hairstyle for little girls

I know it is very common but you should try it. You can make little but fearsome updos of her hair strands. After completing this hairstyle, you just need to paint her eyes, lips and cheeks with red/green color and your daughter is ready for her first Halloween party.

Halloween witch hairstyle
Witch hairstyle for Halloween
Little girls witch hairstyle
Witch Hairstyle for little girls


Halloween witch hairstyles for little girls
Cute Witch hairstyle

Devil Hairstyle for Little girls

Your sweetheart would love to look like a devil on Halloween. There is only a need to turn the shade of her hair into deep red and then make the horns. These horns should be large enough to offer her a perfect devil look.

Devil hairstyle for halloween
Devil hairstyle

Pumpkin Halloween Hairstyle for Little Girls        

When we talk about Halloween, first thing come into our mind is pumpkin. So, why don’t you try pumpkin hairstyle for your cute little baby. This hairstyle is quite famous among African American girls but other communities also love to adopt it.

Pumpkin hairstyle for little girls
Halloween pumpkin hairstyle


Cat Hairstyle for Little girls

Black cat is a big character of Halloween, don’t miss this character when it comes to styling of your innocent daughter. She would love to become a black cat by turning her hair into the ears of black cat.

cat hairstyle for little girls
Halloween cat hairstyle

Dual Braid with Scary Hair Clips and Bows

You are able to easily find a wide variety of scary clips, ribbons and bows in the market. It is advisable to curl your hair. Color your little daughter hair with color hair spray and then make dual-braids. Then you just to make this style perfect by adding some scary cat, skull, Skelton, snake or other creatures, which are made of plastic.

scary Halloween hairstyle for little girls
Dual-Braids with Halloween accessories

Zombie Hairstyle for Little Girls

Your daughter may like to become a zombie on Halloween. If length of her hair is good then you just need to give a rough and dry look after brushing hair.On the other hand, you can get a long hair wig from the market.

halloween zombie hairstyle
Zombie Halloween hairstyle
Zombie hairstyle for little girls
Zombie hairstyle


Straight hairstyle for little girls
Straight hair Zombie style

Vampire Halloween Hairstyle for Little girls

Vampires are among the best and famous characters associated with Halloween. You daughter may like to become a fear-some vampire on this special night. So, your task is to pick a vampire hairstyle for her. It is not going to be difficult because you need to pick the most terrifying back bun, which is made in a clear and sophisticated manner.


vampire hairstyle for little girls
Vampire hairstyle

I have provided you the details of best ideas of creepy Halloween hairstyles for little girls. Now it’s your turn to pick one style and apply it on your cute little daughter.

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