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Flower girl is a young female participant in a wedding. She usually scatters flowers around while wedding is in process. She is a family member of either bride or groom. Flowers girls are of typically between ages of 3-8 years old. During wedding procession, a flower girls comes along with her partner who is known as page boy or ring bearer. Mother of flower girl is quite conscious about style and dress of her little angel. She always searches for flower girls hairstyles and dresses, just to find the best one for her little sweetie. Today, I’m here to unlock some really cute hairstyles for a flower girl.


Flower girl : Little special angel with flowers

The presence of flower girl definitely creates some charm into a wedding.She usually walk in front of bride during wedding procession, so she can scatters flowers on the floor before the bride walks down the aisle. Normally, she wears an outfit that is a smaller version of bride’s wedding dress.  But in some cases she only wears a white cute little dress. In past, bride and groom provided the clothing of a flower girl. These days, things have changed and now couples expect parents of flower girl to make necessary arrangements. So, mothers like to pick one of the best flower girl hairstyles just to make their little princess simply special.

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History of Flower girls

It is good to dig down into history of flower girls. In the Roman Empire, normally young girls carried a sheaf of wheat during wedding. It was believed  to bring prosperity in the life of bride and groom. During Elizabethan Era, wedding guests along with a flower girl scattered flowers all way long from home of a bride to church. Flower girl accompanied with musicians, she carried a silver bride’s cup beautified with ribbons. She filled up cup with rosemary branch, leaves or flower petals. Cup was used an alternative to a basket.

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A flower girl of Victorian Age was resembled to flower girl of current time. She dressed in white, carried a beautiful ornate basket filled with fresh flowers, a floral hoop and blooms. The circular shape of basket normally represents wedding ring and it symbolizes endless love of couple.

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In some traditional style wedding, a flower girl seems like a little version of a bride. Flower girl hairstyles and dress matches to bride in many respects. For example, if a bride makes an updo then a flower girl also has it. The main purpose of this matching is just to create harmony and balance.

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