Dagger Tattoos With their Meanings

dagger and heart tattoo designs

Ancestors of our ancestors used daggers to protect their territories from the enemies and to keep their families safe. Daggers tattoos are considered a great way to prove your braveness, power, and strength to others. Dagger, deadly weapon, is a symbol of one’s power and ability to fight with others in defense or open war.

Simple dagger tattoo design
Dagger simple tattoo

Legend has it; people of old time were used to using dagger to feed their children during the hard times of wars and massacres.  The weapon seems to have numerous meanings associated with it and there is no surprise for a young, powerful man to have a dagger tattoo for enhancing the hidden powers he has. The image of dagger tattoo may encourage one in achieving their goals and dreams.

Blood shedding from Dagger
Dagger and blood drop tattoo

There are several types of dagger tattoos in trends these days but some convey very particular meanings, it’s very important to find the prehistoric logics, meanings and uses of an object like dagger when you decide to have it immolated in the form of body inking.

heart with dagger and skull tattoo
Heart, dagger and skull tattoo design


Dagger piercing the heart tattoo:

There is no surprise!  A deadly weapon like a dagger can pierce about anything being very sharp and edgy.  A heart-piercing dagger represents a lot of events such as of a broken heart, hurt heart, separation, forlorn love, lost lover, split love connection, paranoia in a relation and broken promises. A dagger running deep down a heart may be a symbol of a pain that one has gone through after a break up, in an event when their heart was pierced and wounded by someone else in a love relation.

Heart and Dagger Tattoo design
Heart and Dagger Tattoo design
Heart piercing with dagger tattoo
Dagger Piercing Heart Tattoo
dagger and heart tattoo designs
Dagger inside heart tattoos

Dagger with a skull tattoo:

The dagger alone with a skull presents positive meanings like protection and bravery. It conveys a message that you have girded your lions against your enemies already and nothing can stop you from winning. On the other hand, if the dagger is pierced or stabling the skull, it may be a warning about someone’s death.

Skull having dagger tattoo
Dagger and Skull Design Tattoo
Dagger with skull creative tattoo
Dagger inside a Skull tattoo

Dagger with rose/roses tattoos:

Drawing or inking of two objects of opposite nature could have strong meanings associated with them. Rose is considered to be an innocent and beautiful element of the nature whilst the dagger is said to be a weapon used for causing pain and hurts. The dagger tattoos r containing the flowers could mean that reality is harsher than the words and life is not easy.  The tattoo may also work as a motivation, reminding you of the hardships that you need to endure in order to get success. You need to tolerate the wounds caused by a dagger to find a life full of colorful flowers.

Dagger and red flower tattoo
Dagger piercing Flower Tattoo
Rose dagger tattoo design
Rose with Dagger Tattoo
Rose dagger tattoos
Rose and Dagger Tattoos


Dagger with Swallow Tattoos:

Swallow and Dagger  tattoos are popular among sea surfers, sailors, pirates, and those who dart out of their homes to be on a long time voyage. The sea voyage is very unpredictable and anything can happen, so a dagger with swallow tattoo works as a charm for those working in the seas and oceans. With the tattoos, a sailor will feel protected as the design represents safe health, good luck, and a lot of wealth.

unique swallow with dagger tattoo design
Swallow with dagger tattoo design

Dagger with Serpents tattoos:

The tattoo of dagger with serpents is associated with a Roman God called Mercury and is always in trend for the meanings it has.

Serpents wrapping Dagger tattoo
Serpents and Dagger Tattoos
dagger sepents tattoo designs
Neck Dagger Serpent Tattoo
serpents dagger tattoo design
Serpents and Dagger tattoos designs


Dagger with cherry tattoos:

A dagger with or through a cherry symbolizes eternity and immortality to Chinese but it may have different meanings to others who keep faith in just one life and believe that life is only once and nothing is going to live forever.

Dagger with Cherry Tattoo
Cherry and Dagger Tattoo design

Daggers with other images may have different denotations according to the objects chosen for inking. You have full freedom to pick the object to use with the dagger tattoo but the weapon alone only symbolizes bravery and strength.

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