Designs of Tribal Tattoos for Women are Simply Amazing

Tribal tattoos women back

Tribal tattoos designs are quite popular among men and women. Normally, designs are very solid and intricate for men. Women like to get simple tribal tattoo design that isn’t very solid. Good thing about tribal tattoo is that they don’t fade very quickly. Some reputable tattoo artist allow you to design your own tattoo by checking available design sheet. Tribal tattoos for women usually have interlocking pattern and black curving lines. The bold visual appeal of tribal tattoos makes women quite hot and sexy. Therefore, women like to get such tattoos on back, side shoulder, rib cage, or foot, etc.

tribal tattoo for wrist

Meanings of Tribal tattoos for women

Let’s check symbolic meanings of tribal tattoos.

In ancient times, people got tribal tattoo as they were a symbol of identity dealing a certain tribe. Every tribe had it own tribal tattoo design. Tattoos were used to express religion or spiritual belief.In that era, people had to hide themselves in the wood when they had to catch prey. Therefore, people got tribal tattoo design. So, tattoos were used as self protection.

women tribal tattoos
Moon and Tribal tattoos for women
tribal tattoos for women ideas
Tribal tattoos for women wrist

women ankle and foot tribal tattoos tribal tattoos for leg and foot women

In Modern time, inspiration of tribal tattoos for women can be taken from different styles of Aztec, Samoan, Polynesian, Indian, Hawaiin, Egyptian, Mayan and Maori tribes. Generally, these tribes get tattoos for self protection, identification, social status or medicinal purposes.

tribal tattoo for back designs

Polynesian tattoos designs are very popular among men and women. Every person living in Marquesan island in Polynesia was tattooed. They considered them as a form of language. The design and images of tattoos were inspired by animals such as lizards, shark, turtles,etc.

tribal tattoo for women feet

The design inspiration of Tribal tattoos for women can not only be taken from Polynesian but also many other tribes such as Haida “Indian Tribe”, Borneo tribe or Maori. Sometimes, women like to add some flower of tribal art in their tattoo design, other times they like to have animal images inspired from Polynesian art.



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