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best army tattoo designs

Military tattoo designs always have a strong element of the amulet with them. Protection in battle is a main goal for all. In many cultures, tattoos were accompanies with rituals, incantations and pigments that have magical properties. In old era, tattooing was done by shamans, priest or medicine men , etc who have access to special powers. In such case, a tattoo worked a shield of personal defense. This belief is still present in  many cultures of Burma, Thailand, etc. Let’s check some other meanings of military tattoos.

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In different cultures, warriors were usually identified with their military tattoos. A tattoo on solider body was just like an identification mark.Many Greek and Roman historians mentioned name of many warriors who always had heavy tattoos on body. It is good to know that early explorer of North American said that natives were heavily tattooed. For them, tattooing and body paint were considered an important part of preparation for battle.

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History of Military tattoos

If you dig down history of military tattoo design then you will be directed to the South Pacific in the year 1768. James Cook was the English Sea Captain who started his first expedition in the ship endeavor. Cook and his crew sailed to Tahiti with a goal of studying an eclipse. When they returned to Europe after three months, most of them had military tattoos on their body. This tradition of tattoo is still practiced these days.

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US Military tattoos
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Military badge tattoos


From the start of 19th century, more and more sailors returned from distant islands and tattooing had become the best practice in the British Navy. Even tattooing lead to the British admiralty. When specific royals obtained rank then they get army tattoos. By the end of 19 th century, popularity of military tattoo raised to a great extent. Almost 90 percent of sailors had tattoos.

best army tattoo designs

best army tattoos
Soldier tattoo designs

In America, soldiers from Civil War time, first and second World Wars, Korea, Vietname or Iraq usually acquired tattoos as a way of showing military experiences. Today, millions of Americans whether they are active military members or not like to wear a permanent tattoo that is a sign of military spirit.

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best army tattoos
Army tattoo designs

Military Tattoos Designs

When it comes to military tattoo designs then there are a lot of variations. Member of army usually choose eagle as a way to express their love of freedom. The flag is quite popular design of army tattoos. Some people like to combine flag with medals, unit patches, stars, stripes, etc. Meat Tag tattoo is a permanent version of dog tag. This tattoo is inked on body before going to wars or overseas.

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best army tattoos
Military tattoo ideas

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It’s time to explore some cool designs of military tattoos and then to find the best design for yourself.


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