Discover Clover and Maple Leaf Tattoos Designs and Their Meanings

Tattoo of maple leaf for men

Leaf tattoo is one of the common tattoo designs. There is a wide variety of leaf tattoos; each leaf exhibits a special meaning. Such as oak leaf tattoo demonstrate strength, wisdom, and long life. Aspen leaf tattoo creator think that this tattoo design is an explicit presentation of courage and respect. Lotus leaf tattoos are often created by girls as these show beauty and purity. No matter what leaf tattoo you have, you should first know what its meaning is and what it demonstrates before you get it. Today, I would like to bring into light world famous Clover and Maple leaf tattoos. You are in a position to see enormous designs of these leaves tattoos. Let’s check the design and meanings of both types of tattoos.

women maple leaf tattoo designs
Maple leaf tattoo design for shoulder

Clover Leaf Tattoos Bring Good Luck

There are two common types of Clover tattoos that you can see:

Four-leaf Clover Tattoo:The people who think that luck is missing in their lives usually create Four Leaves Clover tattoo on their body. According to tradition, a four leave clover bring luck for its finder. Interestingly, each leaf of four-leaf clover has a distinct meaning and it represents something.

  • First Leaf for “Faith”
  • Second Leaf for “Hope”
  • Third Leaf for “Love”
  • Fourth Leaf for “Luck”
ear tattoo of clover leaf
Tattoo of Clover leaf behind ear
tattoo of clover leaf
Four-leaf Clover tattoo
neck clover leaf tattoo designs
Clover Leaf Tattoo for neck
tattoo of clover leaf
Fall Clover leaf tattoo


Shamrock/Three-Leaf Clover Tattoo: It is also a common tattoo that is usually being created by Irish people. Shamrock is a young sprig of clover and this little leaf is also a symbol of Ireland. Meaning of shamrock is different from four leaf clover. If you look back in history then you come to know that shamrock is associated with Ireland history in fifth century. In that era, Saint Patrick made use of three-leaf shamrock as a perfect illustration of Christian Holy Trinity. Here is a way to look into this illustration:

  • First Leaf for “God”
  • Second Leaf for “Son”
  • Third Leaf for “Devil/Ghost”

It is good to know that people generally think that three leaves mean love, faith and hope, three theological virtues found in first Corinthians 13:13

foot shamrock tattoo
Shamrock tattoo design for Feet
Shamrock leaves design and tattoo
Shamrock leaves
neck tattoo of shamrock leaf
Shamrock leaf tattoo for neck
tattoo of shamrock

Maple Leaf Designs and Meanings

You can see maple leaf in front and center of Canadian National flag. People usually create Maple leave tattoos in Canada just to show their love for country; simply you can say that it is Patriotism symbol.

unique tattoos of maple leaves for women
Crystal maple leaf tattoo designs

Maple Leaves Tattoos Meanings in China and Japan

Maple leave tattoos are also liked and praised by Japanese and Chinese. When you take a look in traditional and heritage tattoos of Japan then maple leaves can be seen in these tattoos. Japanese usually create these tattoos in October as these leaves are true demonstration of “Love”. When it comes to Chinese then they consider maple leaves as a symbol of “Gifts and Honor”.

unique design of maple leaf tattoo
Maple leaf with heart tatoo

Victorian Period and Maple Leaves

In Victorian Times, Maple blossom and trees were a part of cultural values. They were regarded as symbol of “Peace and Love” at that time. It is good to know that maple leaves motifs were also in trend.

Maple Leaf Tattoo Meanings in 21st Century

These days, maple leaf tattoos show some different meanings.

Maple leaf buds: Small leaves with buds demonstrate new life and new beginning. The people who have started new life after marriage or love usually wear it.

Red maple leaf tattoos for men
Vibrant Red maple leaf tattoo

Fall Maple Leaf: Leave with orange, red and yellow color is clear symbol of “Well-lived and good life” that can be ended any time. Prosperity of life can be shown via fall maple leaf.

Tattoo of maple leaf for men
Fall Maple leaf tattoo

Dead Maple Leaf: Maple leaf with brown corners reveals end of life or simply death.

maple leaf tattoo for men
Dead Maple leaf tattoo

Eaten Maple Leaf: The people who are suffering from disease, usually create eaten or damaged maple leaves tattoos on their bodies. It simply implies that their lives have been consumed or damaged by either illness or their addiction (normally drug).

tattoo of damage maple leaf
Damage maple leaf tattoo
Tattoo of eaten maple leaf
Eaten Maple Leaf Tattoo

I’m sure you have got an idea about the meanings of Clover and maple leaf tattoos. Now you are free to pick one of these maple and clover leaves tattoo designs just to reveal your current situation.

Happy Tattooing !!!!


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