Don’t Forget to Check 10 Hot Hairstyle Trends in 2014

edgy bob hairstyle 2014

Love to follow latest fashion and hairstyle trends? You have hit the right place; I’m here to give you a chance to dig down 10 very hot hairstyles trends in 2014. Let’s start this discovery without any unwanted delay.

Hairstyle Trend No.1 Edgy bobs

If you are daring enough to try any kind of hairstyle then you have to opt for edgy bob haircut. Bob hairstyles never go out from the fashion industry but they always come with something new and chic. In 2014, edgy and razor-cut bob hairstyle with short fringes is regarded very hot and trendy. The beauty of this haircut can be amplified with striking colors.

edgy bob hairstyle 2014

Hairstyle Trend No.2 Retro curls

Get bored from formal curls? Look super classy with retro curls. You need to check the guidebook of 70s for getting perfect retro curly hairstyle; because women loved to wear curls at that time. Don’t forget to side parting your hair before you opt for this one of the amazing hairstyle trends in 2014.

retro curly hairstyles 2014

Hairstyle Trend No.3 Wavy ponytail With Accessories

Do you have natural wavy hair? It’s time to catch hair in a ponytail and then adore this hairstyle with big visible bow.Alexa Chung provided the exact demo of this 2014 hairstyle trend. You need to opt for big bows or other hair accessories because your task is to make your hair prominent as much as you can.

wavy bow hairstyle 2014

Hairstyle Trend No. 4 Beach Waves

Want to look super casual? You may like this one of the superb hairstyle trends in 2014. You can attend a very formal party with your slight undone and rough beach waves. Your task is to grab the soft and super casual look.

mermaid wavy hairstyle 2014

Hairstyle Trend No,.5 Dreamy Updos

The girls who are searching for the best wedding or other festival hairstyle should call off the search because I’m here with a fantastic idea. True romance theme hairstyle is very popular in fashion industry. You can consider a laidback approach for a perfect dreamy updo hairstyle.

romantic updo hairstyle

Hairstyle Trend No.6 Extreme Side Partings

It is one of the best hairstyle trend in 2014, which is very common among celebrities. Check a tip for this hairstyling give by  L’Oreal Paris ambassador Peter Gray, who says: “Try taking a ‘selfie’ to work out which side your part suits you best, mirrors reverse and distort your image”. If you like to wear heavy volume side parting hairstyle then it is good to part and style your hair with your finger instead of a brush.

side parting hair 2014

Hairstyle Trend No.7 Sporty Look

This hairstyle always look great on girls, no matter they are doing exercise or not. It is Victoria Beckham who made it clear that you don’t need to wear trainers always for complementing a very sleek sporty hairstyle. It is good to position this hairstyle close to the front of head , just above the tips of your ears. Good position will enhance the look of this hairstyle to a great extent.

sporty hair trends 2014

Hairstyle Trend No. 8 Messy plaits

Just like bob, women can’t go without plaits. Every year, we get different styles for wearing plaits. According to hairstyle trends in 2014, girls need to stick with messy plaits. They can add gloss and shine for enhancing the look. But you can grab a sexy look, if you keep your plait matte and a little undone.

messy plait hairstyle 2014
Hairstyle Trend No.9 Glossy Hairstyle

This is among the best party hairstyles trends in 2014. You need to opt for glossy not greasy hairstyle. Apply gel but don’t overdo it. Slicked back front glossy hair must end with sleek or loose length ponytail. Keep texture of ponytail matte just to compliment the glossy look of front hair.

high glossy hairstyle 2014

Hairstyle Trend No.10 Textured hairstyle

Get cool look with the mean of textured hairstyles. You don’t need to use spray or hair cream lotion for giving sleek look to your hair. There is only a need to try easy-to-go hairstyle.

textured haistyle 2014

After exploring these hairstyles trends of 2014, it will be super easy for you to change your hairstyle. Ready to make your own fashion statement.


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