Don’t Forget to Check 22 Eminent Zayn Malik Tattoos

microphone tattoo of zayn malik

Zayn Malik is a member of One Direction, American pop band. This band has five members, other four members are Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.This band is quite successful in America. Teens around the globe like this band as its members come with the best songs album and they also famous due to their hairstyles and tattoos.Zayn Malik has written many songs for different albums and his fans like to imitate his hairstyles and tattoos. Most of his fans are women who always curious to know about activities of Zayn and his different tattoos. Today, we decided to offer you a glimpse of 22 promising Zayn Malik tattoos.

Zayn Malik singer of One Direction

1. Walter

Zayn got ink on his body first time in December 2010. His first tattoo is والتر (Walter), which is name of his grandfather. This tattoo is written in Arabic on his right side of his chest. Actually, he was showing his talent on The X Factor when his grandfather died, so he got this tattoo in the memory of his beloved grandfather.

Zayn Malik Walter tattoo associated with his Grandfather

2.Fortune Chinese Symbol

His second tattoo was a Chinese symbol for Fortune. He got this tattoo’s ink on lower abdomen in September 2011.

Zayn malik Japense tatoo symbol

3.Yin Yang Symbol

He has a ying-yang symbol on his left wrist. This symbol looks quite cute. He got this tattoo in September 2011.

zayn malik Ying Yang tattoo design

4. Card Tattoo

Last tattoo which inked on his body in 2011 was Playing card with crown and initial on right side of his body.

Zayn Malik Playing Card tattoo

5. Crossed Finger

It is told by Zayn Malik that he inked his body with crossed fingers, which are a clear symbol of good luck. He got this good luck tattoo on 23 February, 2012.

Zayn Malik Crossed Finger Tattoo

6. Be true to who you are

He took inscription across his collarbone in Arabic. Meaning of this Arabic tattoo is “Be true to who you are”. He informed his fans about this new tattoo on 4 April,2012.

Zayn Malik Be True Tattoo in Arabic

7. Fantail bird

One of cute Zayn Malik Tattoos is New Zealand fantail bird , which is inscribed on nap of neck. He got this tattoo on April 2012.

newzealand fan tail tattoo design


8. Jigsaw Puzzle

It seems that Zayn loves to play puzzle game or he might like puzzles of his life as he has a jigsaw puzzle tattoo on right arm near elbow. His attained this tattoo design on 28 May,2012.

Zayn Malik Jigsaw puzzle tattoo

9. Microphone

Zayn Malik is a renowned and inspirational singer whose sound can’t be reached to you without microphone. He also got a Microphone with splash of ink tattoo on right inner forearm on 16 June,2012.

microphone tattoo of zayn malik
10. FRidAY?

We don’t known exactly why Zayn has a Friday tattoo on right Collarbone. What we know right now is that he got ink of this tattoo on 2 August, 2012.

Zayn Malik Friday Tattoo meaning

11. ZAP!

When you read comic books, you often read ZAP! word there. When this tattoo of Zayn Malik got noticed then different people relate different stories with it. Many people thought that ZAP stands for Zayn Malik and Perrie (his girl friend). However, fans asked from Zayn what exactly the meaning of ZAP! Tattoo is. He replies, “Basically, it’s a secret society of club Zappers” he says. “Me and Louis are Captain Zappers, the other boys – they’re a part of club Zap but they’re not Captains, they’re just on the board of Directors.” Zayn got this tattoo on his body on right forearm on 14 August, 2012.

Zayn Malik Zap Tattoo

12. Stereo

Zayn is a crazy music freak, so also dropped ink on his right forearm for getting “Stereo” tattoo design on 20 October, 2012.

Zayn Malik Stereo Tattoo design on arm
13. Skull

No doubt, a skull tattoo on right shoulder of Zayn made his really cool for girls. He visited a tattoo parlor for getting this amazing designed October 30, 2012.

Zayn malik skull tattoos

14. Outline of a bird

It is a fact that bird tattoos have different meanings but normally meaning of a bird tattoo is positive. Zayn Malik painted back of his right hand with an outline of a bird on 8 November, 2012.

outline of a bird tattoo design
15. Bandana

A classy Zayn Malik tattoo is Bandana that you can found around his right elbow. He got bandanna’s ink at the same time when he received tattoo of bird outline.

bandana tattoo of zayn malik
16. M.S.G. 3 12 12

It is quite hard to understand meaning of Zayn Malik tattoos. He sometimes unveiled some tattoos which meanings can’t be guess. Same is true for M.S.G. 3 12 12. You can see this tattoo on his right forearm,which had been inscribed with black ink on 6 December,2012.

Zayn Malik M.S.G. 3 12 12 tattoo

17. Chillin and a palm tree

It is a fact that tree tattoos have very good meanings. Palm tree depicts life, recyle,progression, rebirth and many other messages. Zayn may like to chill around Palm tree, so he got ink of palm tree design along with Chillin on his right forearm near elbow on December 6, 2012.

Zayn Malik Palm tree tattoo

18. Perrie

As you know, Zayn loves Perrie and he demonstrated love for his sweetheart through Perrie Tattoo on his right forearm near shoulder. Zayn Malik’s Perrie Tattoo had been in entertainment news highlights for many weeks. Zayn told to reporters that he obtained this tattoo during the American leg of the boy’s second tour “Take Me Home” in Maryland on 25 June,2013.

Zayn Malik Girl Friend Perrie Tattoo
19. A pirates life for me

Pirate’s life seems to be very inspiring for Zayn as he inscribed his right side of chest with a phrase “A pirates life for me” on August, 2013.

Zayn Malik Pirate tattoo design


One of the amazing Zayn Malik tattoos is Tiger tattoo, which can be seen on left forearm near shoulder. He done with this tattoo on October,2013. This tattoo made him super cool and hot among his female fans. Many people said that Zayn got this tattoo just to grab more attention of girls.

Zayn Malik tiger Tattoo design

21. Snake

Another animal tattoo of Zayn Malik is snake. He said that he visited to a tattoo parlor during the Oceania leg of the “Take Me Home” Tour on October, 2013 and he decided to get a snake and tiger tattoo there.

Zayn Malik Snake Tattoo design

22. Wolf with Feathers

You would love to see another animal “Wolf” tattoo along with feathers on right leg of Zayn Malik.

Zayn Malik Wofl Tattoo design

If you are a fan of Zayn Malik then it would be suggested to you to must try one of these tattoos, only to show your love for him.

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