Don’t Forget to Check 17 Crazy hairstyles ideas

make tree with hair

Are you planning to style your hair in a little crazy way? If you are bold enough to try any kind of hairstyle then I’m here to give you an idea of 17 really cool yet crazy hairstyles. Let’s check them out without any delay.

1.Very high hair braid

Once you get bored from simple braided hairstyle, you should opt for this simply crazy braid hairstyle.

weird hairstyles

2. Blonde and black Beehive with bangs

When it comes to classic hairstyles of 1960s, we talk a lot about Beehive. I think it is right time to make this hairstyle in a very chic way.

beehive hairstyles

3.Colorful Roll hair updo

Add mesmerizing colors into your hair and then make a high rolled hair updo. Seems like a good idea.

colored hairstyles

4.Individual braid Suspension

Don’t keep braids only on your head when they can go the real magic straight above your head. It is one of the crazy hairstyles to try.

braid hairstyles crazy

5.Heavy Hair Umbrella

Sometimes, it is good to enjoy raining with your hair umbrella. It is hard to create but it would protect you from rain water, for sure.

umbrella hair

6.Creepy Blue Slicked back hair

You can make a chic effect to your slicked back hair by adding dark blue hair hues at one side of head.

blue color hairstyles

7.Messy Rolls

If you are impressed from 1940s rolls hairstyles but want to style them in a new way then I think you have finally got a crazy hairstyle idea.

roll in hairstyles

8.Bob and Bowl hairstyle combo

Are you ready to cut short your hair in an absurd way? I think you would like to opt for this combo crazy hairstyles.

bow and bob cut hairstyles

9.Long hair tunnels

If you have long hair then it is good to make a creepy style hair tunnel just above your head.

stupid hairstyles

10.Silly Lace braids

Girls make lace braids for enhancing their style and beauty. It’s good to try a very strange kind of lace braiding hairstyle now.

lace braid hairstyles

11.Stormy Afro hairstyle

You surely need to blast your hair for getting this messy afro hair look.

big afro hairstyles

12.Gravity defying top hairstyle

You need to shower your hair in hair spray if you want to try this kind of crazy high hair hairstyle.

high hairstyles for girls

13. Hairstyle with big horns

Want to change yourself a lot? I think you would love to try this amazing hairstyle.

hairstyles with horns

14.Hair Tree

You never imagine of making a tree on your head but actually it is possible. Only you need to be a little messy with your hair.

make tree with hair

15.Lions head hairstyle

It is one of the bold and crazy hairstyles for girls. You would surely like to have lion head and hair as a part of your hairstyling.

lion on head hair

16.Birds Nest hairstyle

Do you have long hair? It’s good to turn them into a bird nest and have some birds enjoying the warmth of your head.

birds nest hairstyle

17.Black goat Head hairstyle

It’s good to make a combo of your straight long hair with a black goat head. It is among the most crazy hairstyles idea.

black goat hairstyle


You have really cool ideas of crazy hairstyles. What idea would you like to try??




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