Don’t Forget to Try Orange Makeup Art This Winter

orange theme makeup

Orange is a fruit that we all can eat during winter. We love its citrus flavor and love to start our winter morning with a glass of orange juice. This fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C. It’s indeed very vital for us to enhance intake of orange in winter as we are able to enjoy many benefits for our skin. Girls who want glowing skin can surely eat it or drink its juice on daily basis. If you mind eating or drinking, you can go for homemade orange scrub as it has collagen that slow down aging process. Well, today I’m not gonna share the benefits of orange for skin but actually I’m here to celebrate “Orange Makeup Day” with my visitors.

orange art makeup

Girls who love to try different kinds of makeup always search for some new theme and kind of makeup. Therefore, I’m here to offer them a new theme to try with. Winter is at its peek, we all are enjoying winter citrus fruit i.e. orange and thus it is advisable to opt for orange color makeup. In order to assist makeup artists or amateur girls, I’m giving some ideas for orange eye and lips makeup ideas.

simple orange makeup

Dark Orange Makeup

When it comes to orange eye makeup art, you need to know how to smoothly apply dark orange shade. As you can see in the image, you should balance this shade to a great extent for getting clear look.There is no need to apply eyeliner. Apply a dark orange matte lipstick to complement this theme makeup.

dark orange makeup artOrange and Multicolor Makeup

It is also a good idea to combine orange and multicolor shades to make colorful catchy eyes. As you can see in the image, green, yellow and orange shades are blended together to an astonishing look. You can intesify this eye makeup by fixing some rhinestone and eye makeup stone accessories at corner of both eyes.


multi orange color makeupOrange and Black Makeup Art

Apply dark orange shade on eyes and then make it more beautiful with black eye liner and eye mascara. It is advisable to make use of black feather eye lashes to have the same look as model has. Matte dark orange lipstick would complement this orange eye makeup art.

orange and black makeup artCitrus Orange Makeup art

Combine different shades of orange to get citrus orange makeup look. You need to blend different family orange shades in a very clear and smooth manner. In order to harmonize dark orange shade’s citrus effect, you can pick light pink glossy lipstick.

orange makeup for girlsSoft Orange Makeup Art

Your task is to use light and soft orange shade on lower and upper eye-lids and then to apply a sleek coat of eye liner of upper lid. Light coat of eye mascara is use to enhance eyes. Grey or aqua shade contact lens can be used to have the same look. As your eyes have light orange shade, you can use dark orange shade glossy lipstick or lip gloss to get the smooth makeup finish.

light orange makeupOrange Rhinestone Makeup Art

In case you want something startling then it is advisable to fix some rhinestone with eye makeup glue on eyes, once you have applied dark orange shade smoothly on eyes. As you can see in the image, sky blue rhinestones have been used to let this makeup glow.

orange rhinstone makeup artYellow Orange Makeup Art

You can also try perfect orange theme makeup as well. Pulp of orange is a good idea to start with. You need to use yellowish orange shade along with white face paint to get the same look.

orange theme makeupLight and Dark Orange Makeup Art

You can make use of light and orange shades for getting a perfect orange theme look. You need to first apply golden orange shade as a base on upper eyelids and then to use dark orange shade eye pencil for making a thick line as an eyeliner does. Glossy orange lipstick would complement this orange makeup art.

orange matching makeup

I’m sure you would love to try any of these ideas of orange makeup art this winter. It would indeed fun for you to use your artistic skill and apply orange shades in different way.

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  1. Toyas Tales
    Toyas Tales
    January 31, 2014 at 11:21 am

    Orange is my favorite color. It always uplifts my spirits and makes me happy. I didn’t realize it could work for makeup, and was so wearable. I definitely have to try the look with eyeshadow.

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