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red lips with natural eye makeup

Valentine’s day is just two weeks away and it’s right time for girls to start planning for their outfit, shoes, hair accessories and most importantly, the makeup. At this special day, they desire to look extra-ordinary special to their lovers. It’s only possible when they choose the best makeup for them.Fact is that different girls have different features and face cut. They need to pick a makeup that enhance their face features and make them more beautiful than before. It’s never hard to pick one out of several Valentine’s day Makeup ideas available on the web. Your task is to first determine what exactly you want. Do you like to have a very natural makeup at this romantic day or do you want to look different by applying some kind of Valentine’s day makeup art? Once you get clear about your choice, you would be free to try some best ideas. Today, I decided to assist all those girls who are looking for some inspiring Valentine’s day makeup ideas. So, let’s start with natural makeup and end this exploration at makeup art.

red lips with natural eye makeup

Natural Makeup for Valentine’s Day

Normally, when we talk about makeup for 14 February special night party then we think about hot red lips and some glittery eyes; it is a kind of theme makeup for Valentine’s day. Nevertheless, some girls don’t like or simply hesitate to apply red lipstick. They are always looking for some light natural makeup for this romantic day. So, if you are among those girls then below you can see some natural makeup ideas for Valentine’s day. In this picture, you can see how model use honey eye shadows to enhances his eyelids. Light coat of mascara is given just to get simple look. You need to use brown contact lenses for getting this fascinating look on your special day. Tan lipstick along with light brown blusher complement this natural makeup look.

natural eyes and lips makeup


In this image, you can see how adorable model is. Makeup artist applied baby pink eye shades smoothly on eyes. You need to use double or single tone grey contact lenses for having the same look. When it comes to lipstick, artist loves to pick glossy peach lipstick. Baby pink blusher is applied on cheeks for enhancing the face bones.

valentine's day natural makeup

Hot Red Lips with Soft Eye

If you don’t mind to apply red lipstick then you must go for this fascinating makeup look on this Valentine’s day.Your task is to apply the base equally on face, ready your eyes for makeup, pick tan eyeshadow and apply it smoothly on eyes. Set your false eye lashes and then apply a thick coat of black eyeliner. No need of blush on when you are going to enhance your lipstick with hot red lipstick.

soft eye makeup with hot red lipstick

Maroon Lipstick with Natural Eye Makeup

Girls with blue eyes often remain confuse about their makeup. It is suggested to them to let their eyes speak on this romantic day. Just apply wheat brownish shade on eyes and apply a light coat of mascara on eye lashes. Now make a thick outline of lips through maroon lip-liner and then fill this outline with maroon lipstick.


perfect valentine's day makeupDefined Eyes with Red Lipstick

Girls who are blessed with beautiful eyes can surely go for defined eyes makeup. Below you can find one of the best Valentine’s makeup ideas, it lets you to look very cute on this special day. Your task is to ready your eyes for makeup:apply a base white shade and use concealer for concealing your dark circles under eyes. Now pick silver grey shade and apply it on lower portion of upper lid and then to apply light red shade over your silver shade. You need to make a silver grey shade line on your lower eye lid as well. Now apply a light coat of eye liner on your upper eyelid. End your eye makeup by giving your lashes a heavy coat of volume boost mascara. Enhance your cheeks bones with light pink blusher. Always pick hot red lipstick that will harmonize this defined eye makeup to a great extent.

red and grey makeup for Valentine's day

Another way of getting defined eye makeup is to completely rely on your eye liner. After you done with your the base makeup of your face. You can start makeup from eyes, apply natural and light brown shade on eyes. Tan and wheat brownish colors should be preferred. Take your eye liner and apply double or triple coat on upper eye-lids. You need to wear aqua or blue shade contact lenses for having this perfect eye look. Now start making inverted thin pyramid with your eye liner on lower lid of your eyes. No need to use blusher,just you need to finish this makeup with the application of pure red lipstick.

defined eyes makeup and red lipstick

Valentine’s Day Cat Eyes and Red Lipstick

Girls who love to apply glittery stuff on eyes should go for this amazing makeup on this romantic day. You would look very cool, if you imitate this makeup look. You need to apply golden glitter on lower part of upper lid and then to use light gold matte shade for smoothing the upper part of upper eye-lid. Go and apply thick cat eyeliner on upper and lower eye-lids. Give this eye makeup a startling finish by applying a light coat of mascara on eye lashes. Use light brownish blusher on cheeks and end this makeup after the application of glossy hot red lipstick.

Hot Red Lips with heavy makeupColorful Eyes Makeup for Valentine’s day

If you don’t want to stick with red or brownish makeup then you can surely try colorful eye makeup on this Valentine’s day. As you can see in the image, golden yellow, pink and purple eye-shades are combined to get a very fascinating eye makeup. There is no need to fully copy this eye makeup, you can surely pick your favorite colors. You just need to only follow the style in which different colors are amalgamated.

pink theme eyes makeup

Fuchsia Eyes and Lips Makeup

If you think that Valentine’s day theme makeup could be only red then you might be wrong. You can surely go for a variation in this theme. Fuchsia seems to the best alternate of traditional red lips. You can enhance your enhance with Fuchsia glittery shades and then to complete this eye makeup with the application of eyeliner and eye mascara. Always pick a glossy and glittery fuchsia lipstick as it adds an x-factor to full-lips.

Fuchsia lips and eyes makeup

Valentine’s day Makeup Art

Girls with artistic mind ready to do something different and unique on Valentine’s day. Therefore, I decided to offer such girls two kind of Valentine’s day makeup art ideas. As you can see in the image, you need to apply purple glittery gel shade on the lower part of upper eye-lid ,make an outline with black eye liner over the shade and then to offer a smooth look to upper part through baby pink eye-shades. Take a dark pink or shocking pink glitter gel shade and make lips on the corner of your eyes. Apply thick coat of eye liner and eye mascara. You can use false eye-lashes for getting the same look. You need to use eye liner on lower lid of your eyes once you have applied purple glitter gel shade on it. It is advisable to pink baby pink lipstick with this kind of eye makeup art for Valentine’s day.

pink lips on eyes makeup art for Valentine's dayGirls who don’t let red theme makeup go on this special day can surely try one of the amazing Valentine’s day makeup ideas. Look at image. Prepare your eyes. First apply dark red glittery shade on lower part of your upper eye lid. After smoothing this shade, you need to diagonally apply silver glitter gel shade over this red shade. Now apply light red shade on upper part of your upper lid. Apply black smoky shade on lower lid and then start using your eye liner. Make a big and wide pyramid shape cornerĀ  outline on your upper lid and fill it with dark black shade. Now make another outline of liner on your red shade as you can see in the image. Give a classy finish look to this makeup art by applying thick coat of eye mascara.

red makeup art for Valentine's dayIt is all I have right now for you. These startling Valentine’s day makeup ideas would surely help you to attain a promising look at this romantic day. It’s time to tell me which idea you like the most among all.


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