Enhance your Lips through Lip Plumper without getting Cosmetic Surgery Done

Having soft, beautiful, and delicate lips is a blessing of God. But there are some women who don’t have this blessing; they usually regret not having this natural gift of God.  We all know that there are several cosmetic methods such as botox filler and collagen injections that help women achieve fuller, pink lips- but there is a risk involved in these procedures. These procedures may lend to exaggerated-looking results by over-plumping your lips. You would end up looking uglier than more beautiful than before.

Lip Plumper Provokes Collagen Production Naturally

Though collagen fillers work on lips, giving more volume and beauty but the collagen, sometimes, is accumulated in certain part of the lips, affecting the appearance for several months. The alternative methods of enhancing the lips is cosmetic lip-enhance which is an over-the-counter product these days. The product is relied on because of its effectiveness so those who can’t afford to spend money on expensive fillers and injections rescue on lip enhancer because it is available everywhere on the market at an affordable price.

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Lip Plumper Comes in Two sets; Gloss and Plumper

Lip-enhancer works in two simple ways. The product generally comes with two products; one is lip gloss and the second is lip plumper. The product may exceed your expectations by giving you fuller lips painlessly in few minutes. You’ll be able to notice the results within few minutes of the application.

Natural ingredients are used in the formulation of lip gloss and lip enhancer. The most common ones are menthol, camphor, and blood stimulator. The third ingredients enhance the circulation of blood in lips area. Lips get thicken up in few minutes. Some other ingredients which are used in the products are vitamin B12, macadamia oil, vitamin E, collagen, and natural moisturizer.

Immediate and Lasting Effects with Continuous Use

Lip enhancer gives immediate and lasting effect to the lips. To get better results, you can use the enhancer two or three times a day. The way of using the enhancer is to apply the product in the order as suggested by the company. First, you need to apply a coat of lip-plumper in a thin layer and then apply a light coat of lip gloss to fix the plumper in its position. After two or three weeks, you will see that size or volume of your lips have increased by 1-3 mm or more. As blood circulation is improved when you use a lip enhancer, it ultimately causes your lips to appear pinker and softer than before. If you want to see some positive effects, you should discard your lipsticks and keep from applying lip glosses that contain harsh chemicals.

All branded lip enhancers or lip plumpers are safe to use because they normally contain natural ingredients in their formula and have no side-effects at all for the lips.

 13 of famous Brands offering quality Lip Plumper

If you feel a little tingle on your lips you should first trying using a balm prior to application of lip plumper.  Besides giving fuller lips to the user, lip plumper also reduces fine lines and wrinkles to improve the appearance, Some popular branded lip plumpers are as follows:

  1. LipFusion XL
  2. Perricone MD lip plumper
  3. Frreeze 24/7 plump
  4. Lips to die for
  5. Lip treat
  6. Life extension Ultra
  7. Cushy lips
  8. Lips Venom
  9. Laura Mercier Plumper
  10. Philosophy Big Mouth
  11. Besoplex
  12. Benefit Lip plump
  13. MD formulations the Plumping and Prepout

All of these branded lip plumpers are effective when it comes to giving volume and plumpness to the lips. When you buy any of these products, make sure to do a patch test on your lips to ensure that all ingredients are natural and harmless.

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