Every Girl Must Try 13 Sparkling Diamond nails Design

blue diamonds nails

Diamond nails make you feel like a princess. So, if you have decided to add this feeling in your life then you must know about different diamond nail art designs. Today, I am here to unlock 13 impressive design ideas.

diamond nail designs silver diamond nail art

1.Blue Silver Stiletto Diamond nail

You need blue, silver and grey nail paint for this design. One important thing is to first create stiletto nail shape.  You need to use nail glue for fixing diamond rhinestone.

blue diamonds nails

2.Black and shocking pink nail design

Grab some black diamonds and set them in one nail. You need to use black and pink nail polish for creating leopard design in another nail. Apply dark pink nail polish on remaining nails.

pink diamond nail art

3.White Diamond nails design

If you need a very an easy nail art design then you should check below image. All you need to do is to apply white nail polish on nails and then fix silver diamonds with glue close to nail moon.

white diamond nail art

4.Red heart Diamond nail art

First you need stiletto nail shape with nail filer and next step is apply red nail paint. Fix golden small diamond stones in the shape of heart close to nail base.

stiletto nails art

5.Black and Gold Leopard Mani

It is indeed the most fascinating nail design to try. All you need to do is to create leopard design in half nail and then French tip with black polish. Use small diamond stones for enhancing beauty of your nail design.

black leopards nail art

6.Hello Kitty Nail Design

It is one of the best diamond nails designs that you can try. Hello Kitty is a favorite character of girl. You can get hello kitty stickers for creating the optimal design.

hello kitty nail art

7.Black and Silver Polka Dot diamond nail design

It is very simple easy nail art that you would love to try with your black and silver outfit. All you need to do is to apply black nail polish and then to fix silver diamond stone.

black polka dot nail art

8.Pink and gold nail art Design

Apply pink polish on four nails and enhance beauty of one nail with silver diamond stone and golden nail polish.

golden silver pink nail art

9.Shiny Silver Big Diamond nail art

You need silver glittery polish for making this eye-catching design. Apply polish and then fix a big diamond stone in the middle.

diamond stone on nails


10.Black and white Nail design

Apply black and white nail polish and then enhance its beauty by fixing small diamond stone in the side of your long nail.

black and white nail art

11.Black/Silver diamond with blue nails

If you are looking for some charming stiletto nail designs then it’s good to go for this idea. Apply blue paint on all nails except two where you need to apply some art with black and silver diamond stones for nail.

black diamond nail art

12.Silver Diamond nail Designs

Apply base coat and then start fixing different shapes of silver nail designs on your nail. This is among the best diamonds nails designs to try for.

white diamond nail art

13.Black and Silver nail design ideas

Apply black on all four nails and enhance beauty of one nails with small silver diamond stones.


I’m sure it would be fun for you to increase your nail beauty with diamond nails designs.