Exciting Long hairstyles for Men,Take Inspiration from Celebrities

long hairstyle of Josh Holloway

People admire the celebrities and take inspiration from them. They not only try to imitate their personality but their looks as well. Of course they can’t copy their features but can imitate their favorite celebrity hairstyle. Every year almost all celebrities take a makeover and try new hairstyles which depending on the critics will become the next fashion scene for that specific period. Like always this year celebrities have tried various hairstyle look on their their hair. One of the most popular hairstyle looks is the straight long hairstyle. Here are the best men’s celebrity hairstyles you can try.
Johnny Depp
Among the best long hairstyles for men is Johnny Depp’s amazing haircut.

Johnny Depp long hair
Johnny Depp long hairstyles

Johnny Depp is sizzling, no matter what his hair looks like, as he has better hair then most of the women, making him able to make even the curtains sexy.

long hair of Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp’s long hair

This actor alters his short and long hairstyles with ease, switching from trimmed hair to long straight hairstyle in matter of months, but either way Johnny Depp is looking bang on every time he chooses a hairstyle.

curly long hair of johnny depp
Johnny Depp slightly curl long hair

Hugh Jackman
We have seen Hugh Jackman with everything from the ultra-masculine, clean cut style to the back-swept neo-pompadour style of “X-men” ’s “Wolverine”.

log hairstyle of Jackman
High Jackman long hairstyle
long hairstyle of hugh jackman
Jackman’s long hairstyle


The long glossy hairstyle with layers at the front is appropriate for many different hair types especially for those that are extremely curly.

long hairstyles of Hugh jackman
Jackman’s long curly hair

Josh Holloway
We have seen Josh Holloway on top of couple of lists for the best long hairstyles for men as few can match the ruffled look sported by the TV hunk Josh Holloway and his hairstyle fashioned in light copper brown hues.

Holloway long hairstyle
Josh’ Long hairstyle


This actor got huge amount of fans not only with his powerful acting but also with his long haired locks. Blessed with light and straight mane Josh made his way through several hairdos pulling every single one with relative ease.

long hair of Holloway
Holloway’s long hairstyle

Much of his popularity is credited to his laid back haircut and bad boy image alongside his acting prowess.

long hairstyle of Josh Holloway
Josh Holloway long hairstyle

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell is an actor who should be one of the few who can earn the best long hairstyle for men.

Long hair of Colin farrel
Farrel’s Long hair

He is not afraid of changing his appearance from time to time, Whether he is wearing a casual short or a long layered hairstyle Colin oozes confidence and class.

long haircut of Colin Farrel
Colin Farrel’s long hair

This long haired sexy style is relatively easy to maintain and will keep looking great with regular trims at the barbershop.

colin farrel long hairstyles
long hairstyle of Colin farrel
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