Explore Jewellery Collection of Millie Mackintosh for Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins necklace

Girls who need something really cool to wear with their outfit should look at Millie Mackintosh jewellery collection for Doronthy Perkins. This collection is indeed very cool since you can get vintage lockets, artistically designed rings, well-crafted earrings, workwear-friendly bling and statement necklaces. Let’s peak at this collection.

Millie Mackintosh for Dorothy Perkins Trendy Necklace

Those who want to look simply gorgeous must opt for Millie necklace that is priced at £20.Ring is also very cool and costs you only £10 .

millie mackinstosh jewellery price

Millie Mackintosh for Dorothy Perkins Working-Wear Necklace

Want to wear a super trendy necklace with a suit, try this fab from Dorothy Perkins. Available for purchase at  £22 .

millie mackintosh Dorothy Perkins necklace

 Millie Mackintosh for Dorothy Perkins Bracelets

If you need some cool bracelets this year then get these wonderful Millie Bracelet for £14.50

Dorothy Perkins 2014 collection

Millie Mackintosh for Dorothy Perkins Star Earrings

Need something simple to wear. You would definitely love Millie Mackintosh earrings that is priced at £12.50 while ring cost you nothing but £12.50 .

millie mackintosh Dorothy perkins jewelry

 Millie Mackintosh for Dorothy Perkins Masterpieces

If you are a person who gives much importance to design and art then you would love to buy Millie Mackintosh stylish necklace £25 while the price of this ring is £12.50.


Dorothy Perkins necklace

I’m sure you have enjoyed the discovery of Dorothy Perkins jewelry collection. Don’t need to wait anymore, go and buy any item for yourself.

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