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long afro hairstyle

Afro is a term derived from Afro-American; it is a hairstyle that is commonly worn by people of African-American community. This hairstyle was introduced in United States in 1960s and it was worn by Circassian beauties, women who are also known as Moss-haired girls.Some people have kinky heavy hair texture and so they wear fro hairstyle naturally. However, those who have naturally straight or curly hair use solidifying liquids, gels and cream for getting this kinky texture hairstyle.

long afro hairstyle

Afro History (1960-2000)

During the time of slavery in 1960s, some African-American worn afro hairstyle ,just to imitate hairstyle of White beauty (Circassian beauties). This hairstyle is usually termed as nappy, coarse,kinky and cottony. However, this hairstyle was regarded antithesis of United Stated standard of beauty. After seeing negative views of this hairstyle,African-American community started using hair straightening process.

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In mid 1960, effects of African American Civil Right Movement brought a change in hairstyling of African. They started claiming “Black is Beautiful” just to have renew sense of identity among African-American community. In order to show their identities, they brought back untreated and quite natural Afro hairstyle, which became a powerful symbol of Pride for Black in political environment of United States.

afro for black womentwist afro for black women

In 1970, trend of long Afro hairstyle became popular among men and women. In this era, people saw very huge Afros. In mid-1970, this hairstyle was worn by non-African and thereby it lost its political pride edge. Different variations were added to this specific hairstyle such as curly, braided, beads and twists in 1990 to 2000s.

curly afro for black womenbraided afro hairstyle

How to get Afro Hairstyles?

Afro hairstyle is created with the mean of Afro pick, a wide-tooth comb. A person needs to comb the hair away from the scalp in a way that hair move out from head in a large and round shape. It seems that a ball or halo is created with the mean of hair.  Some people termed it as fro while others call this hairstyle “natural”. It is named as natural because you don’t need to pass this style through any hair straightening or relaxing treatment, once you get them. In order to hold the hair in ball shape position, you need to utilize some hard gel or cream.In case you have kinky hair texture then you can wear afro hairstyle without any problem. You can’t get this hairstyle at home. It’s good to visit nearest salon for getting a robust halo shape of Afro.

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Afro Hairstyles: Easy to Maintain

As I mentioned earlier, Afro is also known as natural hairstyle. Due to its kinky texture, it doesn’t require much maintenance on daily basis. You don’t need to visit hair salon again and again. You can go there when length of hair increase and you need a little trimming. You never want to try any kind of hair straitening or relaxing serum. Let the hair extend out just to have a heavy kinky and coarsy texture of Afro hairstyle. This hairstyle is equally popular among women and men. Women usually try to maintain a difference from men style afro through beads, braids and twists.

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