Express your Love through Valentine’s Day Nail Art

white nails with hot red hearts

The girls who want to attract their valentine on the most romantic day of February i.e.14 February definitely seek for some ways. It is advisable to convey your love message through cute and hot Valentine’s Day nail art designs. One who looks at you, always notice your dress and hands. If you don’t want to express your feelings to someone by words then your expressive heart or kisses shape nail art would help you out. You just need to show your hand to him and no need to say “Will you be my Valentine?”. Today, I have decided to help every lovely girl as I’m going to give 25 amazing nail art designs,specifically for this big romantic day. You can pick one design and get ready to express your love to someone who is very special for you.

1.Hot Red Nails

Sometimes, you don’t need to do any kind of art work. Only a red hot nail polish is enough to express your inner feelings to him.

hot red nails

2.White Nails with Red hearts

Apply white coat of nail polish and then start making small red hearts on it. Don’t forget to take on red and white dress just to have a perfect Valentine’s day look.

white nails with red little heart

3.Gold nails with red hearts

Don’t want traditional red and white nail art? It’s good to give a try to red and gold nail art design. Apply gold glittery nail polish first and then use a matchbox stick for creating a red heart outline that would be filled with gold automatically.

glittery red heart on gold nail polish

4.Purple nails with red hearts

You can try purple and red nail art design, if you get bored from red and white Valentine’s day nail art. Apply purple nail polish and then make a heart with red nail polish. Use white nail polish for outlining heart walls.

red heart on puple nail base for valentine's day

5.Love message nail art

The best way to express your love message is to paint it on your nails. You need to apply red hot color nail polish on each nail and then start making kiss, heart and love icon with white nail polish.

valentine's day love message nail art

6.Scrabble nail art

Don’t want to say “I love u” from mouth, let your finger help you. Try scrabble love message nail art design this Valentine.

love mesage nail art

7. light pink nails with many red hearts

Apply baby pink nail polish on base and then start making heart with red hot color. Use white nail polish for creating polka dots around heart.

heart nail art designs for valentine

8. Red nailsĀ  with silver little hearts

For getting this nail art design, you first need to apply red color as a base and then to start making little white connected hearts with white nail polish.

red ail with cute little white hearts


9. Red and pink heart and polka dot nail art

You can add cuteness to your love message by adding pink color in your nail art design. You are free to create different design on each finger.

polka and heart shape nail art for valentine's day10.White and Red Tip heart nail art

This design is quite suitable for girls who have long nails. You need to divide nails into two main part. Make red heart at lower part and decorate upper part of your nail with cross red and white design and a silver rhinestone.

valentine's day pink, red and white nail art

11. Golden shade nails with red heart

Time to do something different by applying golden nail polish on base and then to make pink red heart in the middle of your nail.

Valentine's day golden nails with red heart12.white nails with red heart and dots

It is indeed one of the simplest Valentine’s day nail art designs. Apply thick coat of white nail polish on base and then make a big red heart. At the end, apply a coat of glittery nail polish.

red and white nail art design13.Red and White Cupid nail art design

Cupid is associated with love. You can tell your lover how you get hurt by cupid. For this expression, you need to apply light white nail polish on base and then to create cupid sign through black nail polish. Decorate tip of your nails with red glittery nail polish.

white nails with cupid for valentine14.Red and White nails with heart on tip

This is a unique Valentine’s day nail art design. You need to keep lower part of your nail clean. Make red and white heat on tip.This design is suitable for women with long nails.

valentine's day red and white nail art design15.Pink check nail art with Red heart

Divide your nail into this ratio :1/3 and 2/3. Your task is make a cute check with pink, white and red nail polish on 2/3 part of nail and then to create a red heart on 1/3 side. You can separate both part with silver glittery nail polish.

red and white cute valentine's day nail art16.Glittery Red nails with Silver Hearts

Apply shiny red hot nail polish on base and then create little cute heart with silver nail polish.

red nail polish with silver glittery hearts17.Red nails with Pink heart and stone decor

Apply pink red nail polish on base and then make a big pink heart onto middle finger nail. After that make little pink hearts on other finger nails.

pink check heart with a stone18.Red and white heart Balloon nail art

You can create different kind of Valentine’s day nail art by making red hot balloons on white base. Don’t forget to add red polka dots on nails for getting a finest look.

white nails with hot red hearts

19.Red heart on tips with Rhinestone decor

Apply a shiny base coat and then make hot red color heart on tip. If you want, you can decorate outline of heart with tiny shiny silver rhinestones.

red heart with stone decor for valentine's day20.Cute red and White heart nail art design

Apply a thick coat of red nail polish, let it dry. Make a big heart with silver or white shiny nail polish.

red and silver cute nail art for Valentine's day21.Pink and Red Kisses nail art

Apply light coat of baby pink nail polish as a base and then start making kisses on each nail with red nail polish.

light pink nails with red kisses for valentine's day22.Red and White heart nail art design

Apply dark red nail polish on four finger nails. Now apply a thick coat of white nail polish on one finger nail and start creating small red hearts over it.

red heart nail art designs

23. Shocking Pink nails with big red heart

Use shocking pink and red nail polish for making this tremendous nail art design for Valentine’s Day.

big red heart nail art design24.Red and White Cute small heart nail art

Apply a thick coat of red nail polish and then start creating one big heart in the middle and two small heart on left and right side of big heart with white nail polish.

red and white simple nail art for Valentine's day

25. Hot Red nail art with heart sticker decor

No doubt, it is one of the best Valentine’s day nail art designs. You need to use red hot nail polish as a base and then to start your creative art work. You can use white peals and red heart sticker for decor.

valentine's day nail art design


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