Fascinating Bob hairstyles for Black Women

razor cut bangs and bob

African American women have a plenty of options when it comes to short hairstyles. However, they usually go for bob haircut as it look perfect with their complexion and face cut. They are able to do some variation into this particular hairstyle depending on their personal preference. Some like to get bob hairstyle with fringe while others go for curly bob just to get extra volume and texture.Normally, black women take inspiration from two popular celebrities of musical world; Rihanna and Beyonce. Both celebrities always do experiment with their hairstyling. Rihanna comes with an asymmetric bob hairstyle that becomes popular among her fan not from African American community but also in other communities. Beyonce usually come with razor cut sharp bob cut hairstyle. This hairstyle adds glam and style into her personality. Let’s start browsing some amazing bob hairstyles for black women below.

Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

It is among most trendy bob haircuts those one can try. This hairstyle makes you look chic and fashionable. Unlike other bob hair cut, it let you keep your front bangs at one side while keeping nothing at another side. Girls who have wide face shouldn’t try it as it looks adorable for girls with oval, pear and diamond shape.

asymmetrical bob haircut

Bob for short hair

Girls who have short hair can even try trendy bob haircut. They can either go for side swept bangs or fringe on head. It is good to get equal length bangs with this specific hair cut.


short bob hairstyle

Razor Cut bob hairstyle

Want to get trendy and awesome hairstyle? It’s good to try amazing razor cut bob hairstyle. After getting this haircut, you should pick very trendy and classy outfit.

razor cut bangs and bobBob with layers

It is among the most common bob hairstyle that one can try. Bob layers would be completely dependent on your face cut. If you have oval face then go for long layers bob. For rectangular face, short layers look good.

bob with layers

Sharp Edges bob haircut

It is among one of the amazing bob hairstyles for black women. This bob haircut is quite unusual. Razor tool is often use for getting sharp and unequal edges of this hairstyle. Normally, you don’t need to wear earrings with this specific hairstyle as your ears are covered completely.



bob with sharp bangs hairstyles

Inverted Bob hairstyle

This hairstyle is quite fabulous. Inverted bangs create a wonderful frame around a person’s face. Fringe of this hairstyle should be according to one’s head. In the picture, Rihanna has fringe below her eye brows and this length might not be suitable for you, if you are studying. You may have to face problem while reading and writing, if you follow this hairstyle blindly.diagonal bob hairstyleInverted Bob hairstyle with side swept bangs

If you have decided to try inverted bob hairstyle then you can also add some variation into it through one sided swept fringe as shown in the picture.In this way, hair contact with eyes would be minimum and you won’t feel irritation. Girls who have frizzy hair shouldn’t forget to use hair serum while setting this specific hairstyle.

diagonal bob hairstyle


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