Fascinating Updo hairstyles for Little Girls

simple high bun hairstyle for little girls

If you think that updo hairstyles are specific to women or young girls then you might be moving on the wrong path. In reality, little girls looks very cute and charming when they wear different styles of hair updo. It is a fact that all styles don’t match with the personality of little girls, so you need to be careful when picking any updo for them. Below I’m going to provide you clear idea of some updo hairstyles that intensify beauty of little girls.

1.Stylish Top-Knot:

It is among one of the best hairstyle that suits to every little girl.If your sweetheart has long and thick hair then it would be very simple for you to make this style. Excessive back-combing is required for this kind of hairstyle. In case a girl has hair loss problem then this kind of hairstyle is definitely harmful for her. You can pick this hairstyle for your daughter’s birthday party. There are many ways to adorn high knot. Generally, women get crystal or flower head-bands but choice is perfectly yours.


sleek high updo for little girls

simple high bun hairstyle for little girls

2.Micro Twisted Hair Updo

When you look at this hairstyle, you think that it is very hard to make. While in reality, it is as simple as other updo hairstyles for little girls. You can learn this kind of twisted updo from your nearest salon. In case you don’t want to move out then tons of online video tutorials are ready to guide you. This hairstyle should only be worn at a very special party as it offers formal look.When it comes to beauty setting of twist updo, then mom usually pick little artificial flowers. White flowers looks robust but you can also match color with her party dress.



micro twist hair bun for little girls

little girls simple hair updos

3.Curly hair updo with Flowery Hair Accessories:

It is among the most sophisticated hairstyles for little girls. Your little girl would love to wear this hairstyle at a very special occasion such as Christmas party, friend birthday party, etc. For getting this updo, you first need to curl her hair and then set every strand in the updo style. It’s good to check an online tutorial regarding curly updo before making this hairstyle. Once you learn it, try it one or two time to make it perfect and then make a final updo. When it comes to accessorizing hair updo, you have colorful flower pins, headbands and clips to choose from.You can also fill curly hair strands with glitter.

hair bun with flower setting

little girl updos hairstyles

4.Braided Hair Updo

If you know how to make french,simple or fish-tail braid then it would be very simple for you to make braided hair updo. This kind of updo gives your sweetheart a cute look. Below, you are able to see french braided updo hairstyles for little girls. African-American little girls usually opt for micro-braided hair updo. However,it is good to pick a braid that you can make quite effortlessly.

cute braided hair buns for little girls

simple braided updo hairstyle

5.Wavy hair updo for Little Girls

Thick waves look fabulous and when you combine all wavy strands into an updo then you get a wonderful hairstyle. You need to use hair iron for getting perfect thick wavy strands. Below you can see two kinds of wavy hair updo. First hairstyle is somehow casual while second is completely formal. Now it’s up to you to pick one that suits you the most.


curly wavy updo for little girls

wavy hair bun of little girls

6.Sleek and Simple Hair Updo

When you are looking for simple and elegant updo hairstyles for little girls then you can pick this hairstyle. You need to use shiny hair serum for getting perfect sleek look.

little girl with sleek updolittle girl hair updo

  1. Priyanka
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    I Liked All Hairstyle and 7th Number Pic. Very Hard and Beautiful Updo Hairstyle. Thanks For Sharing This Post. Thanks

    • admin
      April 20, 2014 at 1:20 am

      Your welcome dear. I will keep updating new updo ideas for you. Updos seems hard but actually they aren’t. You just need a little practice and passion.

  2. Priyanka
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    Awesome All Hairstyle and 7th Number Pic. Very Hard and Beautiful Updo Hairstyle. Thanks For Sharing This Article and Updo Hairstyle ideas. Thanks

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