Five Secrets to Get Glowing Skin in Winter

get glowing skin in winter

We all are enjoying cold wind of winter but we are somehow worried about our skin. Winter is no doubt very brutal for skin as cold wind normally may increase irritation and redness. Although effects of winter are not really good for your skin yet you should try to know how to get glowing skin in winter. Today, I would like to share some tips that let you to take good care of your skin in winter.

get glowing skin in winter

1. Keep your Body Hydrated

You need to drink as many glass of water as you can. It is advisable to keep a bottle full with water at your side desk, so whenever you see it you drink water. Add orange juice in your breakfast. Results of this juice are very magical when it comes to skin glow. Drinking carrot juice will surely meet the hydration requirement of your body. It happens all the time that we drink one to three glass of water in winter because we hardly feel thirsty. Nevertheless, this drinking pattern is simply bad, try to drink water and juices just to keep your body hydrated.

2. Must Buy Winter Care Products

It is a fact that women use same creams and lotion in every season, which is indeed a bad practice. Different weather situation requires different products. Therefore, you should replace your summer care skin products with that of winter’s. You should try to research online about best skin care products for winter. You should always pick a product that is suitable for your skin type. If your skin is dry then try to use high-moisturizing cream. Some girls who have oily skin think that they don’t need to use any kind of skin moisturizer while they are not right. Every skin type needs a moisturizer in winter because this weather often dries your skin to some extent. Dry skin is more vulnerable to this weather change situation than oily skin. However, it doesn’t mean that moisturizer is not needed. Always buy mild face cleanser.

3. Don’t Take Hot Shower

You should never take shower with hot water, if you do this then simply you are getting unfair with your skin. Hot water and dry weather may become main causes of skin irritation and redness and you wouldn’t like this situation at all. Try to be very gentle with your skin. Use a mild moisturizing soap while taking a bath with luke warm water. You need to buy hair conditioner,so you can apply it at the end of your bath. You hair and skin proper moisturizer especially in winter, never forget this important point.

4. Protect Skin from Sun, Even in Winter

We all like to take sun bath in winter but we usually forget that Sun always shines.Constant exposure to sun ultraviolet rays and warmth will definitely be harmful for your skin. It is good to sit under sun in winter but you should never prolong this session, if you don’t want to see bad outcomes.According to expert, sun could be stronger and harsher for your skin in winter than in summer.

5. Use Aloe vera gel and Vitamin E Capsules

You must use a mask of Aloe vera gel on your skin. This mask will offer required moisture to your skin and thus it glows, if you apply this mask every week. Another thing to use for skin glow in winter is vitamin E capsule. Get help from web and learn how to make perfect masks with Vitamin E. Application of this vitamin masks offers good results in the form of shiny skin.


I’m sure that these secrets will make it easy for you to get glowing skin in winter.



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