Five Steps toward Healthy Winter Hair

take good care of your hair this winter

Winter is at its peak level and it is right time to start thinking about the best ways of looking after your hair. Cold winter air usually affects your hair and skin. If you don’t care about your hair from the start of this coldest month then you may have to face constant hair loss problem. Your hair volume may go down and you would never like this situation. Therefore, it’s good to take five main steps toward healthy winter hair.

take good care of your hair this winter

Step No.1 Buy Hat and Umbrella

Chilled atmosphere is not suitable for your hair texture. It is always advisable to wrap yourself from head to toe when you go outside. Don’t forget to buy and wear a big hat before leaving your home. This hat will work as a hair shield against chilly environment. In case you move out without wearing a hat then there are chances that chilly weather dry your hair out and it loses all its shine. Always keep umbrella in your bag and car, so you can protect your hair from winter rain.

Step No.2 Get some useful Winter Hair care Products

When it comes to winter hair products then you need to buy hair conditioner, frizz serum and nourishing oil. You need to apply hair conditioner at-least once a week after taking shower. It is better to heat up oil and then to apply it gently in your hair roots. You should apply oil twice a week, just to provide your hair required humidity level, which normally goes down during winter. Don’t forget to keep frizz serum in your bag. You can apply it through your hair after blow-drying hair.

Step No.3 Eat Winter Vegetables and Fruits

I think one of the best ways of taking good care of your skin and hair in winter is to add all seasonal vegetable and fruits into your meal. Try to add vegetables in your meal daily or after one day. Eat oranges, kiwis, grapefruit, pears, persimmons,etc. Try to eat fruit daily.Some people think that vitamin supplements are perfect alternate of fruits, while it is not right. In case you can’t eat fruits due to some medical reasons then you may rely on supplements otherwise you should try to completely rely on fruits.

Step No.4 Choose Right hairstyles: Be Nice with your hair

It is a fact that women usually like to use iron for getting curl or super straight hairstyles. However, one shouldn’t behave badly with hair all the time or especially in winter. You know that natural moisture or sebum of hair drops down due to use of hair-iron. When you do ironing in winter then your hair get dry twice: first time due to iron and second time because of dry weather situation. So, your task is to choose those hairstyles that don’t affect health of your hair badly. It is advisable to go for following hairstyles: top knot, high ponytail, fishtail braided hairstyles, French ponytail, etc.

Step No.5 Take a Warm Shower not hot

It is better for you to take a shower with warm water rather than hot water. If you wash your hair with hot water then it may removes the natural moisture of scalp and thus cause dandruff. Therefore, it is always good to have a warm bath that not only keep your body temperature normal but also regarded suitable for cold weather situation.

It’s time to take all five steps toward healthy winter hair. I’m sure that you never need to worry about your hair in winter,if you follow these basic steps.


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