Fly with your Eyes via Butterfly Eye Makeup

simple butterfly makeup for women

In our childhood, we used to catch butterfly. This tiny insect has two multi-color wings. We all get attracted toward this eye-catching bird whenever we find it somewhere. It is a fact that colorful wings of butterfly are true inspiration of creative women who like to wear different and unique makeup. They love to apply colorful shades that match with butterfly wing shades just to get a perfect butterfly inspiring look. It’s time to look at wonderful and surprising butterfly eye makeup designs below.

simple butterfly makeup for women
multicolor Butterfly eye makeup
makeup of eyes inspired by butterfly
Red and Green butterfly eye makeup


Why women turn their eyes into butterfly colorful wings?

In reality, every woman has her own reasons to pick this specific kind of makeup. Normally, girls who like to do experiment with makeup get attracted toward this specific kind of makeup. No doubt, it is very tricky and time consuming to apply a makeup that resembles with butterfly multicolor wings.

makeup of colorful butterfly on eyes
Perfect Colorful Butterfly eye makeup
butterfly eye makeup for girls
Dark Orange and Pink Butterfly wing makeup


One needs to put a lot of effort for getting perfect eyes like butterflies. Apart from creativity, girls love to wear this kind of makeup during friend get together, on Halloween and special parties. Last but not the least, the girls who have a desire to get a different and unique look often opt for butterfly eye makeup. This makeup adds beauty and x-factor into their eyes.

eye makeup butterfly
Astonishing Butterfly inspired eye makeup
black butterflies makeup for eyes
Butterflies Eye Makeup


Use Vibrant Colors and Make Perfect Wings

There is no need to visit nearest salon when you want to get a perfect butterfly eye makeup look. You should practice this makeup at home. It won’t be hard for you to learn this makeup since a lot of online video and article tutorials are available for your guidance. Some girls think that it’s very tricky to handle butterfly eye makeup while it’s not true. There is only one thing that you all you have to learn i.e. smooth and sleek application of different colors. Once you learn this simple thing, you are free to get not only butterfly eye makeup but also peacock eye makeup.

butterfly eye makeup filled with glitters
Glittery Butterfly eye makeup
inspiring butterfly eye makeup for girls
Greenish-Blue Butterfly Eye Makeup


makeup of eyes in butterfly style
Easy Butterfly inspired makeup


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get colors backs in your life through eye makeup inspired by butterfly multicolor wings.




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