Get 10 Amazing nail art Ideas from Lily Allen’s Manicure

lilly allen rainbow nail art

The girls who follow Lily Allen’s fashion and style know very well that Lily likes to do experiment not only with her hair but also with her nails. She is one of the cutest fashion divas. She is also considered as “Queen of nail art”.Actually, she loves to add color into her outfit and nails. So, we get different nail art design ideas from her side from time to time. Today, I’m here with 10 amazing nail art ideas that I got from Lilly Allen. Let’s check these latest and trendy nailart ideas now.

1.Rainbow Nail Art

Lily got rainbow nails for her As Long As I Got You video. This fabulous nail art is given by her favorite nail artist Michelle Humphrey. Nail guru came up with an amazing bright color combination. This rainbow seems natural and somewhat similar to real rainbow. What you say?

lilly allen rainbow nail art

2.Smiley Face nail art

Missing happiness in your life? Kill your boredom with this smiley face nail art design. This design is created by nail artist Michelle Humphrey. Show your nail to someone who is feeling bored and you will love to see smile on his face.

lilly allen smiley face nail art

3. Zebra Print nail art

One of the superb Nail art ideas given by Lily is Zebra Print. This is designed by Michelle Humphrey. No doubt, this specific nail art design require much time and effort. You need to know how to make perfect zebra print on your black nails.

lilly allen zebra print nail art

4. Black and Gold Fade design nail

The girls who need some easy nail art design must try this gold and black fade manicure created by as usual Michelle Humphrey. She done a great job on Lily’s nails.Must try this fabulous design.

lilly allen black and green nail art design

5.Pink and Purple Tips nail art

It is one of the cutest nail art idea given by Lily Allen. The main reason of this design perfection is that it is created by Michelle Humphrey. This nail artist knows how to make come with perfect nail art. Every angle of nail is quite clear. She kept the base of each nail super glossy while some nails have pink tips and other have purple. Beauty of nail is enhanced via  some stones.

lilly allen french tip nail art

6.Black and White Christmas nail art

If you need the best nail art design idea for Christmas then you should check this Lily Allen’s nail art design. This white-and-black snowflake manicure is designed by Michelle Humphrey. Nail guru make clear cute white snowflakes over black nail polish. You find it hard to find any difference between snowflakes of all nails. Can you?

black christmas nail art lilly allen

7.Gold Dollar Nail art

It is among the fantastic nail art idea that every creative girl would love to try. This idea is given by Naomi Yasuda to Lily Allen. Every single angle of nail is decorated with gold color. You would surely like this design.

lilly allen fully decoraed nail art

8. Green and Gold Nail art

Normally, when a girl does manicure then she applies gold color on tips of each nail. It is Lilly who came with the unique nail art idea. Her nail artist spread gold in the side of each nail instead on tip, good job..

lilly allen gre nail art

9. Neon Style Manicure

Want to try multicolor manicure? It’s good to see how Lilly got four different shades on her nail. She combined blue, red, bright pink and yellow on each nail in a clear cut manner.

lilly allen nail

10.Triple Shade Nail art

Looking for classy nail art ideas?It is good to consider this triple shade nail art design given by Lily Allen. The prominent shade is black but you also need to mix a little grey and white on nail for making perfect geometrical design.

lilly allen triple shade nail artWhich one of these nail art ideas from Lily Allen you like the most? Cast your vote now.

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