How to Get Bouncy Curly hairstyle like Angelina Jolie? Follow 5 Easy Steps

how to get angelina jolie hairstyle

Do you want to get bouncy ringlets for a special night party? Want to hold the culrs for night ong? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. I’m here with a tutorial with which yocan get bouncy curly hairstyle like Angelina Jolie¬†easily. When it comes to hair styling then you must get the complete idea from the celebrities since they know how to follow trendy and how to wear a particular hairstyle. Bouncy Curls make Angelina very hot and sexy. ¬†Now I would like to guide you how to get perfect bouncy curls like Angelina Jolie. There is only a need to follow a simple guide, check it below.

how to get angelina jolie hairstyleAngelina Jolie Bouncy Curly hairstyle

How to get Bouncy Curly hairstyle like Angelina Jolie?

You have to follow a very simple and easy step by step guide.

how to get curls like angelina

Step No.1

Hold a curling iron vertically close to your temple point. Now clamp it to 1 inch section of hair closet to your face. Now you need to rotate the barrel outward. Release your hair after 5-6 seconds.

step by step guide of curly hairstyle

Step No.2

Don’t let your curly hair free. You need to immediately roll hair strands around your finger. Use bobby pin and secure it on your scalp.

curly hairstyle tutorial

Step No.3

Repeat step no.1 and 2 but you need to keep changing the direction of curls. For example, if one time your rotate barrel outward then next time you need to rotate it toward your face. If you alternate the direction of your curls then they won’t clump together.

hair curl tutorial step 3

Step No.4

Continue your hair curling process until you have done with your hair. Don’t forget to pin up all your hair up after curling them with the curling iron. Use hair spray over your pinned up curly hair.

how to get bouncy curly hairstyle step 4

Step No.5

Let your hair free, remove all bobby pins. Now it’s time to start finger combing for breaking up the curls. Once you have done with finger combing, you need to give your bouncy curly hairstyle a final touch by applying hair spray over it. Try to use the best hair spray for keeping your curls bouncy and voluminous for at least 24 hours.

step 5 of curly hairstyle
Hurrah! you have finally got the complete idea i.e. how to get bouncy curly hairstyle like Angelina Jolie.

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