Get Casual Look with Side Bun Hairstyles

messy simple side bun hairstyles

Sometimes you don’t have any idea what style to wear in a casual party. You feel confused a little bit as you don’t have much time to make a difficult kind of hairstyle. In such case, it is good for you to opt for very simple side bun hairstyles. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it is easy to make and you don‘t need to spend hours on it setting.

curly side hair bun

Messy side bun

This is one of the simplest kinds of side bun hairstyles but it always look terrific. You don’t need to grab finish hair look. You task is to bound your hair randomly in a elastic ponytail. Floral hair accessories let you decorate this romantic hair bun in an aesthetic manner.

messy side bun style messy side bun hairstyles classy hair bun

Braided side bun

Divide hair into three to four sections, make simple braids and then combine these braids in a simple side hair bun. This complete hairstyle won’t take much time but it always looks great. You can give this hairstyle messy or finish look, it’s all up to you.

braided hairstyles side braided and bun hairstyles simple braid and bun hairstyles side braided bun hairstyles

Sleek Side hair bun

It is one of the best side bun hairstyles for formal occasions. If you want to get the best inspiration of this kind of hairstyle then you need to look at top Hollywood models or actresses who love to attend big events with side bun hair styles.

simple and easy side hair bun sleek side hair bun stylish side har bun sleek side hair bun

In simple words, side hair bun looks simply wonderful. You can pick this hairstyle for formal or casual party. This hairstyle is easy to make and doesn’t want you to be an expert hairstylist. Any person who knows how to make a twist can make a side bun. Once you make this hairstyle, you can adore it beauty with some floral or simple hair accessories. Colorful ribbons are also look great when you have to wear this hairstyle at Christmas , prom or some other occasion.

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