Get Ideas for Men Hairstyles in 2014 from Golden Globes Hot Celebrities

swept back hairstyles for men

Last day, we tried to provide an idea of women latest hairstyles in 2014 by highlighting beauties of 71st Golden Globes Awards in Los Angeles. It would be unfair with guys if we don’t lend them a helping hand when they want some ideas for Men hairstyles in 2014. Therefore, we are going to present a collection of striking hairstyles that were worn by charming and handsome celebrities at Golden Globes Awards red carpet. It is interesting to know that we found short and long hairstyles of celebrities. Some men appeared with extremely short while other try to rock the red carpet event through long hairstyles; medium hairstyles were missing indeed.

Jared Leto with Messy Bun

Messy hair bun of Jared Leto was among the best fashion stories of 2014 Golden Globes. Leto appeared with a unique hair bun. He slicked his hair and then secures them into a mid-length hair bun, which tail was touching the nap of his neck. This luscious hairstyle was considered the best celebrity hairstyle in 2014 Awards ceremony. He won an awards as a best actor in a supporting role for Dallas Buyers Club.

man bun hairstyles for long hair 2014

Damian Lewis With Crew Cut

In case you guys are seeking for a romantic and sexy short hairstyles then you need to try Damian Lewis crew cut.After getting this short cut, he set his hair with hair gel. He is looking wonderful on red carpet. Crew cut of Lewis might become popular men hairstyles in 2014.

crew cut hairstyles for men

Daniel Craig  With Ivy league

Daniel doesn’t want to miss a chance to leave a good impact on his fans. He maintained his 007 James Bond look by wearing Ivy League. It is indeed a striking short hairstyle for men in 2014. One can go for it when one wants to attend a special party.

Dania Craign hairstyles in 2014

Eddie Redmayne with Slicked Back Hairstyle

Youngsters can adopt flirty slicked back hairstyle of Eddie. He was looking quite charming and cute on red carpet. His razor cut side hair strands were slipping behind his ears. You can try this hairstyle on Valentine’s day, if you want to get quick attention from a girl who matters you a lot. Eddie hairstyle is one of the amazing men hairstyles in 2014.

Eddie hairstyles in 2014

Hugh Jackman with Sleek Swept back

You know that Wolverine remained busy in changing her looks and hairstyle.On red carpet, he was looking a little informal and classy by wearing don dapper hairstyle. His lightly grown beard was adding extra charm into his personality. He won best actor award for showing his remarkable performance in a role of Les Miserables.

swept back hairstyles for men

Leonardo DiCaprio with Draper

This charming guy always comes with sleek hairstyle and same is true for Golden Globes 2014. He wore slicked back hairstyle after side parting his hair. He was simply looking dapper in a designer tux. He won Best actor award for his amazing and unforgettable role in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles 2014

Usher with tape-up

Usher presented remarkable tape-up hair that might become one of the best African American hairstyles in 2014. He rocked red carpet with his stylish and trendy look.

taper hairstyles for men in 2014

Chris Pine with Slicked back hairstyle

Boys who are searching for some hot and sexy hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2014 must take a quick look at luscious side parted swept back hairstyle. This hairstyle is quite perfect for the guys with medium hair length.

draper hairstyles for men 2014

Matthew McConaughey with Don Draper Look

He won best actor award for Dallas Buyers Club  at Golden Globes 2014. He looked dashing with his don draper kind of hairstyle. It seems that draper is going to become a trendy men hairstyle in 2014. Don draper hairstyles might fall under the category of trendy men hairstyles in 2014.

Matthew McConaughey hairstyles in 2014

Joaquin Phoenix with Rugged Low Bun

Joaquin wore a baby bun that is more rugged than Leto’s messy hair bun. It seems that Leto,Phoenix and Alex Ebert are trying to kick start trend of man hair bun in 2014. They gave us three kinds of variety .It is a fact that Leto hair bun is the best one while Phoenix hair bun secure second position and Ebert’s high updo comes in the last; you really need courage and long hair for adopting this messy men hairstyle of 2014.

joaquin phoenix low bun hairstyle

Chiwetel Ejiofor with Natural Afro

Ejiofor appeared with his natural afro hairstyle and fairly bristly beard growth. His look is indeed an inspiration for men who belong to African American community. If you think that you need to shave off your beard all the time when you attend a special party then you might be wrong. Actually, it is Chiwetel who is going to set a new trend for you. He was not a single person who attended this big event with beard but many others hot guys also didn’t care to use a razor.

Afro hairstyles for men in 2014

Ben Alfeck with Smashing Warhawk

Want to look really cool in 2014? You must go for Warhawk kinda hairstyle of Ben Alfeck. His center hair strands radiate upward while side hair flicks are set in a smooth manner.

Ben Alfeck hairstyles in 2014

Alex Ebert with Messy High Bun

A man who came into news due to his long hairstyle just after Jared Leto was Alex Ebert. He wore a high messy and slightly undone hair bun on the center of his head. Many people there was quite surprised to see this unique or some how weird hair bun. Some people name it as a “perfect bird nest”, while other like this variation of hair bun. Ebert tried to balance his hairstyle with his heavily grown beard. He honored with an award for his admirable musical work for “All is Lost”, one-man film starring Robert Redford.

men long hairstyles in 2014

Bradley Cooper with Buzz Cut

Cooper always look charming and handsome and no doubt he was looking “really hot” when he hit the red carpet with his smashing buzz cut hairstyle. His smile added glow and cuteness into his overall personality. He also came there without shaving beard off.

bradley cooper hairstyles in 2014

If you are still looking for some ideas for men hairstyles in 2014 then I suggest you to stay tune because other Mega film industry events are going to start very soon. Golden Globes awards 2014 make it simple for us to get idea for both short and long men hairstyles. There is a possibility that upcoming awards may offer latest 2014 hairstyles for men with medium hair length.In case you are in hurry then it is advisable to try Jared Leto’s messy hair bun as it is quite different but quite stylish, if you have long hair.


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