Get Quick and Gorgeous Nails with Nail Art Tattoo

colorful flower tattoos for nail art

Are you in hurry? Want to do fabulous nail art? It is good to use nail art tattoo for creating fascinating nails. Good thing about tattoo or stickers for nail is that they make nail art process very quick and easy. You don’t need  nail art tool kit for this purpose. In addition, you don’t need to an expert nail artist. Every girl is capable to create beautiful nail art with tattoos.

colorful flower tattoos for nail art
Flower nail art tattoo design ideas

How to apply nail art tattoo?

It is very simple and easy job. All you need to do is to follow three simple steps.

  1. Apply a base color such as pink or purple or green,etc. You can choose a color that matches with your outfit shade. Let your nail polish to dry for some time. You should pick a color that goes great with color of your temporary body tattoo.
  2. Now pick temporary nail art tattoo pack.Take scissor and cut tattoos according to your nail shape. Peel off plastic from tattoo and then set it on your nail. Before you put tattoo on your nail, you should make it sure that position of your tattoo design is right. It is hard for you to rearrange it later on.
  3. Take a paper towel and start pressing tattoo on your nails. Keep pressing it until tattoo paper slides off and you are sure that tattoo design is transferred to your nail.

nail art tattoos for halloween Disney princess nail art stickers kids

Pink white and green girly skull tattoo for nail art heart and love nail art tattoos black and blue nail art tattoos birds stickers Light and dark purple geometric nail art tattoos

Follow these three simple steps and do perfect tattoo nail art.

Best tattoo design ideas for nail

The most common design is black bird or bat. When you have a tattoo paper with this design then you are free to choose any color of your choice. Black goes with any color. However, the best colors would be black, blue, pink, etc.

Black flying birds nail art tattoo designs
Black flying birds nail art tattoo designs

birds tattoo designs nail

Another great design to try is heart outline. You can go for this design on a special day such as Valentine’s Day or Anniversary. Red paint with black heart outline is a usual nail art tattoo design but you should try some other unusual designs as well.

Pink nail art tattoos bow and black heart

nail art tattoos
Heart outline nail art tattoo designs

Colorful Flower nail art stickers are getting very popular. When it comes to base color with such design then you can opt for either transparent or white nail polish. Always choose light base color when you are going to use flowery nail art tattoos.

flower nail art tattoo designs

Black flower nail art tattoo on white nail paint
Black flower nail art tattoo on white nail paint

In short, it is very easy to do creative nail art designing with tattoo papers. You only need to choose best design and then to apply nail art tattoo on every nail in a right way. If you do this properly then you would be able to get attractive nails at the end.


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