How to get rid of Corns on Toes and Foot with Home Remedies

What are skin Corns?

Skin corns are tiny ingrown bumps which are caused due to accumulation of dead cells on the skin. The infection usually targets those body areas which are not cleaned or rinsed on regular basis such as under your feet and underarms. The infection is caused due to cells which are dead and rough, when not exfoliated, they are piled together day by day, developing one or several small corns on the skin which may or may not be filled with puss. These corns may be very painful to touch, they can also ooze puss on regular basis if are not treated on time. Therefore, it is necessary to find the best solution to get rid of painful corns on toes and foot before they develop into a big blister. Generally there is no blood circulation in dead skin cells so they are usually very visible due to their odd color which is green, yellow, pale white, or off-white normally.

corn on toe

 Causes of Corn Formation on Toes and Foot

It’s obvious that we don’t take care of our toes and foot because they are less important body parts for us when it comes to daily cleansing. This negligence behavior causes skin to die on the area so when a lot of cells die everyday and are not peeled off from the surface, they make a small pile within skin and it ultimately turns into a corn or two.

Corns are also formed due to constant friction of foot with hard places, like when you walk in your slippers on rocks or anywhere else where stones obstruct your way, making you to climb over to pass the road.

Poor cleaning of the skin under the foot also is another reason for the dead skin to develop into corns.

 Rubbing the skin or foot with the hard sole while walking or dancing can also cause the problem, this generally happens when you wear tight-fitted shoes.

 Wearing socks all of the time during winter can also result in the formation of corns because during this whole time the fresh air doesn’t even touch your foot or toes.

Sometimes frostbite causes a friction between toe fingers, as the skin swallows due to infection, it abates the space between fingers, making them to push each other. The friction, eventually, makes the dead skin cells to stick with the toes and causes several corns of tiny shapes.

 How to get rid of corns with Home remedies at home?

There are several ways for you get rid of corns on toes and foot with home remedies with natural ingredients at home. If your corns are fully dry and painless, you can go for a home remedy but if they are bit moist and red in color, you should apply Vaseline instead because they might be still in the process of getting dry. It also means that your skin cells are dying, they are not dead completely yet.

Make it your daily routine to use a good moisturizer under your feet or on your toes daily before going to bed, it will keep the skin well-hydrated, keeping the dead cells from developing, in case they have developed already, the cream will at least make these skin cells to shed off naturally.

Here are some excellent home remedies to get rid of corns on toes and under the feet fast at home without doing much effort and work.

1-Soaking Feet into Warm Water

 One day before performing this procedure for the removal of dead skin, you’ll have to apply moisturizer on the affected area for the whole night.  The moisturizer will soften the cells a little bit before treatment. Boil the water for fifteen minutes and fill it in a small tub. Don’t overfill the tub because you just need to soak your foot inside, not the whole leg. Here is what you need to do when you try this home remedy:


  • Check the temperature of the water before putting your foot in, it must not be too warm or too cold. Make sure it is comfortable to get your foot in it.
  • Mix one pinch of salt in the hot water and let it dissolve. Salt has acidic properties; it will help remove the dead skin as well as dirt particles and impurities.
  • Add three drops of lemon extract, it will work as an antiseptic as well as exfoliator. This ingredient particularly has antioxidant property; therefore it will help improve the blood circulation in the area.
  • For aroma, you can add one or two leaves of fresh mint.
  • Add half spoon of body spa gel into the water.

Procedure of corn removal

  1.  Soak your both foot into the water for at least 22-25 minutes
  2. Take rest meanwhile
  3. Now take a towel and rub it to remove the dead skin cells, just be gentle.
  4. If you don’t want to use towel, you can also use a soft tooth brush for the same purpose.
  5. Keep rubbing the skin gently until all of the dead skin cells are removed.

Note: While you remove the dead skin cells, use only soft fabric, brush or towel, don’t ever use a metallic tool or knife to get rid of the corns because it is dangerous. You may damage the healthy cells in the process of removing the corns which will make your situation even worse. Small wounds may appear afterwards and even bleeding may occur at the same instant. So be careful.

 2-Using Mustard Power for Corn Removal

Mustard power has excellent healing properties because it is bit alkaline in nature.  If you combine two tablespoon on mustard power with one tablespoon of organic salt, both ingredients will react each other to make a powerful liquid serum when rose water is added. You need to apply the serum on your corns for 8 hours (one night). To remove the corns next day, first soak your toes or foot in the warm water for 15 minutes and remove the dead skins with a soft pad. With cells, all types of dirt particles and impurities will also come off of the skin.

It takes several weeks and sometimes many weeks in the removal of corns on toes so you must be patient while you try any of the procedures mentioned above. You shouldn’t expect to get a clear skin in just one session as proper exfoliation of all dead skin cells may require you to undergo at least three or four sessions.





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