Get Right Direction for Life Via Compass Tattoo

shoulder compass tattoo

Compass tattoo design is quite popular among Celtic design lovers. Many times you find the people who have a small tattoo on wrist or hand. Girls usually create this tattoo on their left or light shoulder. Just like other tattoos, compass tattoo design has a specific meaning. It is good to understand complete meaning of this design before you get it. Actually, a tattoo represents something good or bad, sometimes you get a tattoo that demonstrate negative meanings; which you never like. Let’s explore compass tattoo meanings.

wrist compass tattoo

One Tattoo with different meanings

There are different meanings attached with compass tattoos. It is believed that this tattoo is a perfect representation of childhood innocence while others say that this Celtic design has some kind of religious gist.

women back shoulder compass tattoo

As you know, compass is used by sailor for getting the right direction. They direct you toward your home or favorite place. In this manner, a person who has a tattoo of compass is seeking for the right direction in his life. Another meaning is that one can get right direction for any place of his choice.

arm compass tattoo design

When you see rose tattoo along with a compass then it depicts your utmost love for traveling. Dedicated travelers, who love to explore the world, like to get this tattoo design on either wrist or back.

colorful compass tattoo

Compass tattoos depict long history of maritime when mariners didn’t have advanced equipment for navigation guide. They had to rely on compass for navigating through uncharted water and unknown perils. They used a compass that point toward North along with their own wit to find the right path at night. In this way, a compass tattoo guide you how to get over hurdles of life and find the right path to your destination.

arm compass tattoo idea

Time to Explore Compass Tattoo Designs for Different body parts

This tattoo comes with a lot of designs, people usually get a compass tattoo along with an anchor. The basic purpose of getting a compass with anchor is to find the right way, move toward it and stop at destination by fixing anchor.

finger compass and anchor tattooPeople choose different parts of body for this tattoo. Usually, people get this tattoo on wrist.Whenever they feel lost in life, they look into this tattoo and start locating better way.
Wrist Tattoos:
compass tattoo for wrist
cute compass tattpp
Arm Tattoos: Normally, it has been observed that men pick arm for getting ink of compass tattoo
arm compass tattoo designHand Tattoos: One needs to hold a compass in one’s hand for getting right direction guidance.Instead of holding it, people inked hand with this tattoo design.

hand compass tattoo designhand compass tattooBack Tattoos: If you want a big compass then you need adequate place. In this situation, back could be a place for having this specific tattoo design. Some people only get simple tattoo while other like to add a quote or two at bottom of design.

nautical star compass tattoo

compass tattoo for backFoot compass Tattoos:Want to move in the right way? It is advisable to ink your foot with compass, just to take the right path always in life.

tattoo of compass on footfoot compass tattooGet colorful direction via colorful tattoo: The people who don’t like black compass can go for an amazing colorful big compass tattoo. See two examples below:

colorful compass tattoo designprinted compass tattoo on legShoulder tattoo:Another good place for creating this specific tattoo is shoulder. You are free to paint this place with either black or colorful ink.

shoulder compass tattoo

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