Girls Prefer Ballerina Shoes for Valentine’s Day Party

I love you ballet shoes

Normally, it has been observed that girls give preference to Ballerina shoes over other kinds of shoes when they are going to attend Valentine’s Day party. Every girl has its own reasons to opt for this kind of shoe. However, underlying reason of this preference could be real comfort associated with ballet shoes. These shoes are really easy to wear and girls can wear these shoes for long hours. Another reason is that a boy usually requests a girl to come for a long romantic walk at the end of this special day party. It’s certainly hard for girls to go for such a long walk with high heels, they pick ballerina as it comes without heels. Interestingly, renowned shoe brands are offering special Valentine ’s Day ballerina shoes, often known as ballet shoes. Girls can find the finest collection of such shoes in stores and online.

Love lock and key ballet shoes for valentine's day

History of Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes were originally designed for ballet dancers in 1682 when woman started ballet dancing. It happened twenty years after King Louis XIV of France gave order for the foundation of the Royal Academy of Dance. Standard ballet shoes had heels at that time. However, that standard shaped got changed by Marie Camargo, Paris Opera Ballet Dancer in mid 18th Century. She was first dancer to wear a non-head ballet shoe.Heels were removed completely from standard ballet shoes just after French Revolution and this shape is considered standard nowadays.

Ballet shoes for Valentine's day

Valentine's day printed red heart ballet shoes

Ballerina Shoes Construction

In old days, sole of these shoes was made up of leather which doesn’t extend to the edges of shoes in all way. This construction has changed in modern days. These days, you see a split sole of Ballet shoes. This construction offers great flexibility and good shape to foot when pointed. Sole is made from canvas, satin or soft leather. Women who need shoes only for great performance in ballet dance normally like to but satin shoes as these can be worn out quickly. Leather shoes are expensive as these are durable. Canvas shoes are comparatively lesser expensive than other types of shoes but they can be worn quickly than leather ballerina.

Red and silver ballet shoes for Valentine's daywhite and red ballerina for Valentine's day

Ballerina shoe comes with or without elastic band across the arch of foot. There could be two bands that cross one another in “X”shape just above the arch. Some ballet slippers manufacturers attach one end of each band to the shoe during production process and girls are free to attach the free ends of bands in such a way that they can get the best fit for their feet.

grey and red ballet shoes for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Ballerina

Quite obviously, ballet shoes for Valentine ’s Day have red color as it is a color associated with this most romantic day and love. Some girls also pick pink ballerina as it is another color that is considered very classy for this special day. Red and black ballet Valentine ’s Day shoes are generally marked as “formal”. Red and gold is another combination that adores many guys, so girl can try it on this day.

Valentine's day red and brown kiss design ballet shoes

When it comes to design of Ballerina Valentine’s day shoes, you normally observe that heart is the most common thing. Some shoes have printed red heart while other have golden or other colors heart buckles. Some manufacturers use leather or satin made red or multicolor hearts only to beautify the vamp of ballet shoes.

Red and black ballerina shoes

Are you going to adore your boy friend on this Valentine’s Day? Pick a cute red Ballerina for you because you never know when he would make a request of “long romantic walk” to you.


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