7 Glow in the Dark Face Paint Design for Party Lovers

paint eye lips and cheeks with neon colors

Do you want to add more fun to your party? It’s good to give a try to glow in the dark face paint. This simple paint definitely enhances fun of your party. Parents can consider getting this paint for their kids birthday party. Kids would love to get their face painted with neon colors. It would be fun for all of them to get some amazing designs which glow under UV light or simply when light goes off. Such paints are not meant to be only for kids as many adults love to get face paint for club night, BBQ party night or simply disco fun party. You would love to paint your face with neon paint colors especially on Halloween party. No matter what your party is, you would be able to grab some fun with paints.

face paint glow under uv light


Explore 7 Amazing Designs of Glow in the Dark Face Paint

Let’s explore 7 fabulous designs you can create with neon glow in the dark painting colors.

1.Floral Pattern Looks Feminine

If you need perfect feminine touch into your design then you have to consider flower patterns, vines, etc.  Girls like to get floral designs around their eyes and cheeks.

full face paint ideas birds designs on girl face paint women face paint design ideas with neon colors flower face paint idea for girls


2.Gothic Face Paint Look

People who want a little fun on Halloween party or simply need a horror movie kind of look would love this design. You need to use neon paint on your eyes . It is good to make your eyes look black and then apply face paint. In this way, you would get a zombie kind of look with little effort.

zombie glow in the dark face paint for halloween horror face look with neon paint

3.Fish paint on Cheeks

If you need a design that is cute plus unique then fish seems like a good option. You can get a single fish on cheeks or just turn your face into under sea creature’s world.

fish glow in the dark face paint idea

4.Dragons Face Paint  Designs

Dragon is a popular design when it comes to glow in the dark tattoos. This design is equally popular among men and women.  The main reason behind its popularity is that it makes your look fearless. And many people love to grab such appearance.

dragon paint design ideas stars on face paint designs

party face paint designs


5.Enter into Fantasy world

Girls love to live in fantasy, so why not get fantasy makeup look with neon paint. All you have to spread different colors around your eyes in a dotted manner and you are done. This is one of the simplest face paint designs idea. Another idea is to use paint as your eye mascara. You can use fake lashes for this purpose. Your fake lashes with glow in the dark and it would simply make your overall look very attractive.

fantasy look face paint idea eyelashes paint with neon colors

6.Butterfly Glow in the Dark Face Paint

It is among the most common design but fact is that it always looks fabulous. You can make a butterfly design on cheeks or simply turn your eyes into butterfly wings. Below you can take a close look at some amazing design variations with butterfly pattern. You can get paint on cheeks and compliment it with butterfly eye makeup.

butterfly design paint for men and women

butterfly design on face paint butterfly glow in the dark face paint

7.Cute Tribal Paint Design for Face

If you want to grab tribal appearance then you don’t have to get tribal tattoos instead use neon paint and draw a few lines on face. Tribal people have some lines in dark black but you can use neon colors which glow in the dark and offer you modern tribal kind look.


tribal neon color face paint designs rave face paint design ideas best paint design ideas for girls


Finally, you have got amazing ideas for Glow in the dark face paint designs. Before you get face paint, make sure that they are non-toxic. You need to carefully read about neon paint color tubes. There are some face paints which make your face look tight once they get dried. If you don’t want tight look, then it is advisable to get that face paint which is cosmetically certified.

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