Guys can Get Natural Look by Following 4 Steps of Men Makeup

men makeup steps

Girls try a lot of tricks and tips for getting natural and clean look but today I’m not here with girls makeup tip but my intention is to unlock 4 important steps of men makeup. Beauty experts have started paying attention to makeup for men in recent years. The beauty products of men are also gaining name and fame all over the world. Recently, Marc Jacobs joined hand with Sephora for launching an exclusive men’s beauty line.Tom Ford also brought into line a skincare and grooming product line for men. There are numerous examples. The main purpose of launching such men beauty products is to give every guy a chance to get clear and natural look. Let’s dig down into 4 steps of men makeup.

men makeup steps

Step No.1 Deep Cleansing and Exfoliation

If we talk about men makeup then it doesn’t men we mean mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. Actually, our task is to help men get rid of blemishes, under eye circles and red splotches. The first step of men makeup is deep cleansing and exfoliation.This step is quite essential because its end result is a clean and smooth base.

Step No.2 Moisturizing

It is good to apply moisturizer on face and lips after following step no.1. Many men have to shave on daily basis, they don’t use any kind of moisturizer and thereby leave their skin dry and irritated. Skin Hydration is quite important. Therefore,it is good for guys to apply lip balm on lips and creamy moisturizer on face daily.

Step No.3 Foundation Application

Guys have two choices when it comes to foundation such as a liquid or powder foundation. If you need very natural look then you should opt for powder foundation because you will get thicker finish with liquid foundation. When it comes to selecting your foundation color then you need to test the color on your wrist for better evaluation of different colors. It is recommended to pick a color that matches with your skin tone. Once you have foundation, apply it evenly on nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, etc. You need to blend your foundation as smoothly as you can.

Step No.4 Concealer

Conclear is an important part of men makeup.Many men have uneven skin tone, blemishes, under eye circles and similar things. In order to get rid of these skin imperfections, you need to use a little amount of concealer on these areas. For hiding dark circles under eyes, you should take a small amount of foundation on your hand and then to apply it smoothly and evenly on the dark area under eye. You need to apply it in such a way that it remains hidden from naked eye. Don’t apply a thick layer of concealer because it gives you bad look.

Guys! Don’t wait anymore. It’s time to follow these four simple steps of men makeup and to achieve super natural look.

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