Have a look at 4 Popular types of Hawaiian tattoo Designs

hawaiian tattoo flower meanings

If you are planning to get some flower tattoo designs then you need to consider Hawaiian flowers. Hawaii is a famous island where people like to travel. This island is blessed with a plenty of flowers and many of these flowers have symbolic meanings.  Normally, women love to go for flowers tattoo design, so they would surely like to consider flower of this island just to get perfect Hawaiian tattoo design. Let’s check deep meanings associated with four popular flowers.

1.Hibiscus Hawaiian tattoo

Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. Traditionally, this flower is worn behind one ear just to show whether wearer is committed or single.When a woman wears this flower behind right ear then it means that she is open to promises. On the other hand, when she wears flower behind left ear then it means that she is in a relationship and doesn’t want to get attraction of any other men. These days, women like to get hibiscus flower tattoo behind their ear just to show the same meanings.

red and yellow hibiscus orange hibiscus flowers

purple flowers tattoos
Purple Hibiscus Hawaiian tattoo

colorful orange and yellow hibiscus flowers tattoos

2.Bird of Paradise Tattoo:

It is among the best Hawaiian tattoo design. Bright and beautiful bird of paradise symbolizes joy. The color of its body such as bright orange and light blue looks great.  If you want to get a Hawaii tattoo design then you may like to get this flower bird tattoo on your body.

Hawaiian bird of paradise tattoo meanings hawaiian bird tattoo bird-of-paradise-ankle-tattoo-hawaiin

bird tattoo design
Bird of Paradise tattoo

3.Plumeria tattoo:

It is among the sweetest blooms that cluster on Hawaiian trees, which grow up to 30 feet high. The fragrance of this flower is sweet. Bright pink, creamy and yellow centered blossoms are quite beautiful. The plumeria tattoo design is used to represent perfection, springtime and new beginnings.

plumeria flower hawaiian tattoo designs

tattoo plumeria design
Purple Plumeria Hawaiian tattoo

hawaiian flower tattoos

4.Orchid tattoo design

You can many different types of orchid in Hawaiian island but only four types of them are indigenous. Normally orchid is cultivated for export not for local use in this island. Orchid produce bright and small flowers and this kind of Hawaiian tattoo symbolize refinement and beauty.

hawaiian tattoo flower meanings
Orchid Hawaiian tattoo

orchid tattoo design orchid tattoo on foot

Finally, you have an idea of four main types of Hawaiian flowers. Now it’s up to you to pick one flower and then design your own Hawaiian tattoo that represents specific meanings along with beauty.


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