Healthy and Non-greasy Medium Hairstyles for Winter Season

bang hair cut for medium hair

Winter has finally started at its best and now those days aren’t far away when we will quiver in our quilts due to heavy snow fall outside and dense rainfall throughout the night.  Though we all love winter and prefer to hang out more in this season and go out to take hot coffees with our family members and friends but there are some downside of the weather conditions that directly affect our skin, hair, nails and complexion.

Winter straight hairstyle
Straight hairstyle for winter

Women with a normal to dry skin tone complain losing the natural moisturizer of the skin during the harshest days of winter, nails get blue or pale due to low blood circulation, and skin complexion begins to go ruddier than before. Your hair gets most influenced during the coldest night because it generates more sebum or moisture to keep the hair healthy. A lot of women wash their hair once or twice a week rather than getting a daily bath so the delayed bath also makes hair to produce more sebum as the result of which hair texture becomes rough and greasy.

Winter culy hairstyle
Curly hairstyle for winter

Even if you wash your hair once a day in winter, the grease will continue to generate in your hair follicles it’s because your hair gets in contact with the cotton of quilts or blankets, so it is better to not cover your mouth while you sleep at night. A lot of women wear weaved hats to keep their ears and head protected from the gushes of cold air and they wear such accessories more often when they hang out, skate or go for a walk in the morning. There is no harm in covering your head and hair, but your hair is likely to get greasier in the lack of oxygen, it also requires fresh air just like our skin. So try to breath in fresh air and let your hair dry fully after you take bath to avoid greasiness.

Winter layers and curly hairstyle
Layer and curly hairstyles for winter

Here are three ways to keep your hair healthy and non-greasy during winter:

  1. Use conditioner after using shampoo your hair
  2. Wash your hair with cold water instead of hot water even if you are taking a hot bath. You can use warm water to cleanse your body but never wash your hair with it; this may also cause dandruff on the scalp.
  3. Use one tablespoon of vinegar in the water when you are done with your bath. Use this water to cleanse your hair.  It will work for rough hair.
Medium hair layer hairstyle
Soft layers for Medium hair

Types of medium hairstyles for winter

A lot of teenagers as well as mature women prefer to wear bob cuts or short pixies over long haircuts in the winter, assuming that maintenance of hair won’t take much of their time. It’s true that short hair is easy to manage and take care of, but it can’t cover your nape or neck to provide your muscles warmth which is needed the most during coldest days. If you don’t like donning extra long hair, you can get a nice and sleek medium haircut to be comfortable. Why not short? The answer is short hair may get affected more easily than the long hair.

Perfect bangs for winter
Side Swept bangs

Medium length hair styles work well for about any face shape and any hair textures. Wearing medium length hair is going to be an easy as you are less likely to confront unwanted hair issues such as split ends, rough ends, frizzy hair, tangles, and excessive hair fall. Even though your hair is falling rapidly in the start of the winter, chances are the process will stop within a week. You will still have plenty of hair to make style on. So what are you going to do if your short hair gets shorter due to hair fall? There are not many options with regards of medium hairstyles for winter to avail. So just pick a good style to be able to be face-to-face with the winter hair problems.

Winter Wavy hairstyles
Winter Wavy hairstyle

Curled out bob or wavy bob cut: If your medium length hair is very feminine and voluminous, you must try a playful curled out bob cut or wavy bob cut, it is different from the typical short bob cut you have seen. I think it is one the common medium hairstyles for Winter.The medium hair is curled out using the wander or curler and then is styled in a bob format. Some ladies pin up their curled bob to look half of their age while others just use fingers to set their curls loose and beautiful for the party.  You can also create a layered bob cut on hair without having to cut in a layer pattern.

Bob hairstyle for Winter
Curled out Bob hairstyle
medium hair bob cut
Bob haircut for medium hair

Beach waves or loose waves: Wavy hairstyles have become one of the notoriously sleekest hair designs of the present century- all kith and kin are trying different variations of tight, water, beach, and loose waves. Some combine an updo or braid with the waves to be a belle of the event, you can do the same. The medium length hair can be styled into a variety of ways using basic techniques- wear side swept waves or just loose natural waves for the events. A hairstyle with curls is likely to be a low maintenance hair design.

loose curls for winter
medium hair loose curls
medium hair beach wavy for winter
Beach Wavy hairstyle for medium hair
loose curls winter
Winter loose curls
Beach Wavy hairstyle
Winter Beach Wavy hairstyle

Curly layers: Layers can also be set in curls using the hairstyling tools and equipments. You just need to discover a unique haircut transition for the upcoming event.

winter curly layers
Curly layers
layers for winter
medium hair layers
Winter layer curly  hairstyle
Curly layers for winter

Chopped hairstyles for medium length hair: Chopped or razor cut hair may get more volume when is styled according to the season, event, and face shape. You don’t need to curl your layers all the way from top to bottom, just curl a few hair sections to enrich your hairstyle.

Winter chopped curled hair
Chopped curl hairstyle for winter
Chopped hairstyle for winter
Celebrity Chopped hairstyle
Winter chopped hairstyle
Chopped hairstyle for winter

Braids for medium length hair: Braids look fantastic on medium and long length hair. You can wear crown braid, water fall braid, one side braid, or back braid with curls in the winter.

medium hair braided hairstyle
Braided hairstyle for Medium hair
medium hair cute side braided hairstyle
Side braided hairstyle for medium hair
Winter Side braided hairstyles
Winter Side braided hairstyle

So, go and try some medium hairstyles for winter.

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