How to do Skin Glow makeup in 10 minutes?

steps of glowing makeup

Trend of natural skin glow makeup has been rising since last year. Girls want to look beautiful but they aren’t ready to use a lot of products or bases. They like to opt for less is more approach. You can also follow this approach but you only need to know how to apply it in a right way. Today, I’m here to give you an idea how to grab healthy glow on your skin within 10 minutes.steps of glowing makeup


Skin Glow Makeup Tutorial

Here are six easy steps you need to take

Step No.1 Get Prepared for makeup

Apply light moisturizer on your skin just to get rid of skin dryness that is common in winter. After that, apply foundation and concealer. You need to keep thing light, don’t overdo anything as we need natural glowing makeup look.

Step No.2 Face Contouring

Sculpting your skin seems to be an important step when it comes to enhancing your face cut. Use foundation or under-eye brightener and start placing dots of it around your hairline, along your jawbone, the side of your nose and hollows of cheeks,etc. You need to use a tone that is darker than your normal skin tone. Your task is to contour your face for getting perfect look. Blend these dots with foundation brush.


Step No.3Face highlighting

Now it’s time to highlight your face with lighter shade of under-eye brightener or foundation. You need to use it on the highs of the cheekbones, above and under the brows, on the bow of the lip and along the nose. This time, you don’ need a brush for blending instead you have to use your fingers. It is an important part of skin glow makeup.


Step No.4 Define lips

This is right time to groom your brows. Use a brow brush then start brushing your eyebrow hairs upwards. You also need to fill any gap in your brows with brown pencil.


Step No.5 Brow Grooming time for skin glow makeup

This is time to enhance beauty of your lips. Use a lip pencil since it last longer than lipstick. Line your lips natural cuts and then fill them with neutral and natural lip look.


Step No.6 Blushing

You needs a glowing and healthy flush. So, it’s good to use a light pink blusher and apply it on your cheeks.
Follow these 6 easy steps when you need healthy skin glow makeup. This will only take a few minutes to have a healthy glow on your face.

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