How to get Flawless French Nails at home?

heart nail art

Girls who give due importance to beauty and neatness usually opt for French nails which  look wonderful and attractive all the time. Usually, they visit nearby salon and spend half day on manicure; it is not a great thing to do. There is no need to always visit a salon when you can get fancy French manicure with a little effort and practice at home. Interestingly, cost of getting French nail is far less than cost of your nail polish.

French manicure style

What is French Manicure?

French manicure means getting nails with pale pink base and bright whte tips. They are very popular all over the world. Girls who visit salons commonly made a request of French nails. Interestingly, you don’t need to always go to a salon for getting perfect french mani because now you can get them at home with the help f French mancure kit.

french nail art design
Easy French nail art

How to Do French nails at home?

Here are some simple steps that you need to follow.

Step No.1 Nail Trimmng

Trim nals to desired remember. You need to make sure that all your nails are trimmed evenly. For french manicure, you don’t need to cut your nail length very short.

cut nails French manicure
Nail cutting

Step No.2 Nail Shaping

Take nail file and then shape your nail (round or square).

nail shape tool
Shape your nails

Step No.3 Cuticles Soaking

For getting French nails at home, you need to dip your hands in a bowl of warm water and soak your hands for 2-3 minutes in it. Pick a cuticle pusher and push your cuticles back.

soak cuticles
Soak cuticles in warm water

Step No.4 Nail Buffing

You need to buff top of your nails for preparing them for nail polish. Don’t forget to massage a little amount of cuticle oil on your nails.

buff your nails french manicure
Nail buffing

Step No.5 Apply base coat

You need to apply a thin layer of pink nail polish on your nails and let them dry for a couple of minutes.

basecoat for french manicure
Apply basecoat

Step No.6 Use nail guides

When base coat gets dried then you need to place the nail guides on them just to know where to set your perfect white tip.

nail guides
Use nail guides

Step No.7 Create White Tip

With white polish, you need to lightly brush color onto your tip of your nails. Apply polish in upside down smiley style. Let this polish dry for a couple of minutes and then apply white polish second coat. Let your white polish dry.

french manicure
Use nail gudes and apply white nail polish

Step No.8 Seal French Nails

It’s time to remove your nail guides and then apply a top coat of polish.

Hurrah! You have got perfect French manicure at home.

Easy French style nail art
Easy French style nail art
white nail art design
Cute dotted black and white nail art
heart nail art
Little heart in white French nails
french nail designs
Black and white French nails
Pink and white French nail art design
Pink and white French nail art design
colorful french nail art
Colorful French nail art designs





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