How to Make Sleek Braided Updo Hairstyle? Step-by-step Tutorial

tutorial braided updo hairstyles

Girls who are looking for a fascinating hairstyle must give a try to braided updo hairstyle. It is perfect for girls with long hair. Many times you see with celebrities with fantastic braided hair updos which are neat and sleek. You don’t know how to create same updo at home. It is indeed very simple to copycat celebrities hair updo, only you need to have proper tutorial. Today, I’m here with a braided hair updo step-by-step guide just to make it easy for you to create it within a few minutes.

tutorial braided updo hairstyles
How to Make Sleek Braided Updo Hairstyle? Step-by-step Tutorial

Time Required: 15 minutes

How to Make Sleek Braided updo hairstyle?

Follow 7 simple steps and create a perfect party updo hairstyle.

  1. Comb your hair properly and gather them into a ponytail.
  2. Now pull your back ponytail on front and divide it into two sections with the mean of a rubber band.
  3. Make a simple three strand ponytail with lower section of your ponytail and secure it with a small rubber band.
  4. You need to move this ponytail back and then make a small fan with it by using your hands.
  5. Keep one finger at this hair fan and start setting it in the form of a hair updo by using bobby pins.
  6. Remove rubber band from your three strand ponytail and then pull one of three strand of this tail.
  7. You need to set this flower like braid on the top of your head with bobby pins.

Finally! You have made a fantastic braided updo hairstyle by following some easy steps.

Would you like to give this hairstyle your best try at home? Feel free to share your comment on this tutorial.


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