How to Remove Acrylic nails? Step-by-step Tutorial

remove acrylic nails

Acrylic nails definitely look great as they not only make your nail looks longer but also comes with very attractive designs. It is quite simple to set acrylic nail, it takes hardly 5 minutes. Girls who opt for fake nails must know how to remove acrylic nails. Unfortunately, removal process of acrylic nails is not very quick. It always takes some time; you have to be patient.

Things You will need for Removing Acrylic nails

Here are some essential things that help you during acrylic nail removal process

  • Nail polish remover
  • Olive Oil
  • Nail Clipper
  • Moisturizing lotion
  • Glass Bowl
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Water
  • Orange wood stck
  • Nail file
  • Clean towel
  • Nail buffer

How to Remove Acrylic nails?

Here are some steps that you to follow for removing acrylic nails.

Step No.1 cut short your acrylic nail, so you have to remove only a little portion of it. Cut these nails without hurting yourself.

cut acrylic nails

Step No.2  Take a glass bowl and fill it with  acetone nail polish remover.

acetone nail polish remover

Step No.3 Pick nail file and start buffering your acrylic nails, you have to remove their gloss. Move it evenly on complete surface of nail, don’t focus only on one point. Clean off the dust.

remove acrylic nails

Step No.4 Take petroleum jelly and apply a thin coat of it around the skin that touches nail bed, this is just to protect skim from acetone nail polish remover. You should apply a thick coat of jelly.

apply petroleum jelly nails

Step No.5 Now  dip your nails into a bowl of nail polish remover for almost 15-20 minutes, so glue that binds your nail with your real nail starts coming off.

dip nails in remover how to remove acrylic nails

Step No.6 At this point, you have to remove mushy and gelly like acrylic nails from your natural nails. You don’t need to put force on your nails otherwise this action will cause damage to natural nails. If you can’t remove fake nails from natural nails easily then you should dip your nails again in a bowl of acetone for 5-10 minutes. There is no need to rush for removal process.

remove acrylic nails

Step No.7 Wash your hands under water once you have removed acrylic nails.

Step No.8 If you have some glue left on your nails then you need to use a buffer for removing it from your natural nails.

Step No.9 It is time to moisturize your nails.Apply olive oil on hands and give your nails and finger a very gentle massage. Your natural nails feel rough and fry once you done with removing acrylic nails, therefore moisturizing is an essential step to take for healthy nails.

Step No.10 In case your natural nails are rough then you need to use buffer for removing this roughness.

I’m sure this step-by-step tutorial about how to remove acrylic nails would allow you to remove fake nails easily and without any damage to your real nails. Follow this tutorial and share your experience with us.



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