Spice up your looks with Long Layered haircuts

Fold long layered haircuts inside with blow dryer

Do you have long hair? Are you planning for long layered haircuts? I think you need to wait for a while and have to get complete idea about the ways with which you can simply spice up your personality. I’m here to share some best methods of styling long layers. Explore what I have for you.

Sleek and Straight hair is the best option

Once you get this cut, you need to keep your hair straight and sleek. For this purpose, you need to get help from hair iron. One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you always have to use some heat protecting serum before you start ironing your hair. You don’t need to straight wet hair. Always dry your hair, apply hair serum and then enhance beauty of your long layered haircuts with the mean of hair iron.

Long with the blunt cut won’t make you feel wrong about yourself especially if you are working in an office environment. Your social friends will definitely like your makeover provided that you have done it perfectly.

Long straight layered haircut with full bangs
Long straight layered haircut with full bangs
Side bangs for enhancing charm of long layered hair
Side bangs for enhancing charm of long layered hair

Blow Dry your layers

Girls with natural straight hair may like to bring extra charm into layered haircut. I suggest them to get help from a blow dryer. Fold your hair inside or outside with the mean of hair comb and then use this machine. End result would be simply amazing.

I really like the streaks in the feather, who doesn’t love variations? To boost up the confidence,  a symmetry in the front hair can be achieved easily provided that you have a good saloon to get the experiment done in a proper manner.

blow dry long layered haircuts

Fold long layered haircuts inside with blow dryer
Fold long layered haircuts inside with blow dryer

Side bangs for Charm Factor

Don’t go for center parted hairstyle all the time. You need to do side partition as well. If you are confuse what side suits you then I suggest you to take different selfies and decide about the best side of your hair.

Salma’s black hair has always attacked me so have her sleek cuts, check the rolling curls on the front part. These are making her face slim and gorgeous.

side bangs and layered hairstyles

Full bangs for Aesthetic Appeal

If you already have long layered haircuts then you should opt for full bangs. Sleek bangs bring a mega change into your overall appearance. So, why don’t you get them now?

Some shags on the lower hair while blunt bang on the front, a good combination of course.

full bangs hairstyles

Waves for attractive long layered haircuts

Add some waves into your layered cut and you would be able to grab the most attractive women look. It is good to know that many celebrities are considered hot due to their wavy layered hairstyle. So, if you want to look sexy and bold then you should opt for loose or beach wavy long layered hairstyle.

long wavy hairstyles


Perfectly blonde, isn’t it? Hair has been cut beautifully according to the face shape. The front layer is covering the face and the rest has got nice layering or steps. You will always feel motivated about having a new cut when there are inspirations like this one from the celebrities.side wavy hairstyles

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