How to style Long Straight hairstyles in the best way?

straight layered cut

Normally, when you have to attend a special party then you would like to keep your hair sleek and straight. It is indeed a great hairstyling idea to try as it makes your look simply elegant and eye-catching. You don’t need to tie your hair all the time when your long straight hairstyles can make real style statement. Today, I’m here to tell you how to style your straight hair in the best way so check out great ideas.

side parted long hair

Get some layers

When you have a plan to keep your hair sleek and straight then you must think about adding some layers to them. Actually, layered hairstyles make your look flattering and beautiful. You can go for complete layers or simply three layered haircut. While making your hair straight, you need to make sure that every layer is defined aesthetically. Apply shiny hair serum or cream, don’t use hair gel as it gives you greasy look.

layered cut layered long straight hair center part long hair

Try Bangs with long straight hairstyles

In case you don’t want to cut short your hair then you need to simply make your look beautiful with bangs. Sleek fringe on forehead seems fantastic with straight long hair. You can side sweep it when you want to do some work. Side swept bangs hairstyles are getting  popular among celebrities, so you can get some inspiration too.

straight long hair
Side swept bangs with long straight hairstyles

layered cut side hair bangs

Side Twisted hairstyle

Girls who need quick long straight hairstyles would surely like to give it a try. First you need to useir iron for getting long straight hair and pull some hair strands from one side , twist them and pinned up them. This would hardly take your five minutes but it makes your look very stylish.

side braided hair side twisted hair

Side or Center Parting hairstyle

Those girls who don’t have layered cut can either side or center part their hair. You need to use hair comb for clean and neat hair partition. Apply a little gel on your hair and then comb them. In this way, you can get  clear side or center parting long straight hairstyles.

long straight hair
Center parted long straight hairstyle

straight layered cut side parted long hairside parted hair

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