Inspiring Cat Eye Makeup Ideas

eyes with cat makeup

Creative people are always looking for some ways to demonstrate their creativity skills. Internet is saturated with tons of websites that shed light on master pieces of creative mind people around the globe. When it comes to makeup and beauty then again you have lot of creative ideas to try for. Today, I would like to share some creative Cat eye makeup ideas with you. Let’s start taking a look into these different styles of cat eye makeup below.

makeup of black cat eyes
Black Cat Eye
Eye makeup like tiger cat eyes
Tiger Cat Eyes


Why Girls love Cat eye Makeup?

Cat looks very cute and sweet when she blinks her eyes. Though her cuteness is god gifted yet girls love to imitate this look. Sometimes, shape of girl eye resembles with that of cat eyes and such girls are often praised by the beauty of their eyes. However, girls who don’t have perfect cat eye shape like to do a little experiment with their current shape. This experiment is really easy to do. There is only a need to know how to make perfect cat eye. Interestingly, girls are able to find tons of video tutorials that point out key steps of making cat eyes.

cute makeup of cat eye for girls
cute cat eye
perfect black eye liner for at eye
Sleek Cat Eye makeup

What is Important in Cat Eye Makeup?

There are two main important things to learn about makeup of cat eyes.

simple cat eye makeup style
Simple Cat eye
eyes with cat makeup
Unique Cat Eye


Handling of black Color: Unlike other eye shades, black eye-shadow is indeed hard to control. Some girls find it difficult to blend a light coat of this shade, it is advisable for them to try to do blending again and again. The more they practice, the better control they will obtain. You can do this practice on your friend’s eyes.Once you learn to handle this shade, it wouldn’t be hard for you to have a perfect makeup of black cat eyes.

cat eye makeup idea
Stunning Cat eyes
girls cat eye makeup
Glamor Cat eye makeup

Eye Liner Application: Another important step to learn in the application of this kind of makeup is to apply eye liner in a right way. In our normal makeup, we have to apply a single coat of liner on eyes. This single coat is easy to apply. However, cat eyes need thick coat with smooth edges. So, again girls need to practice how to apply thick coat and how to make a sleek edge of liner. Drawing liner lines again and again is only way of learning cat eyeliner application.

Easy cat eye makeup
Simple Black Cat makeup
perfect black cat makeup
Robust Black Cat Eye and Lip

You can pick any of these cat eye makeup ideas and start working on it, if you want to surprise your loved one with your new and creative look.



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